Ethical Spectacle Mailing Lists

Page updated December 29, 2001

There are currently four mailing lists associated with The Ethical Spectacle. All are low volume lists. Here are the details:

Spectacle Announcements, Free Speech Issues, and Press Releases
1. The Ethical Spectacle Mailing List includes a monthly announcement that the new issue is online, other periodic alerts on significant issues, and all press releases. Volume is usually 1-2 emails a month.
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Free Speech Issues and Press Releases
2. The Free Speech Spectacle list was first created to disseminate updates to Sex, Laws and Cyberspace, a 1996 book which I co-authored with Mark Mangan, as well as occasional reports on related free speech and privacy issues. It carries most of the press releases sent out to the Press list below, but not other materials unique to the Spectacle list above. Volume is currently very low, with three to four mailings per year.
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Just Press Releases
3. The Ethical Spectacle Press List is intended for journalists covering Internet freedom of speech and other Net issues, though all others are invited to join. Volume is very sporadic (I don't think I sent anything to this list during 2001). It will not contain other material mailed to the other two lists above.
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Year Zero
4. The Year Zero list distributes a series of essays I am writing about September 11 and its aftermath. Volume has varied from 1-4 messages per month. The essays are collected here. Subscribe here.

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