In the Midtown International Theatre Festival July 16-August 5, NYC


In 1952, twenty-one year old Ferry TenBroek makes an independent film noir, The Shadow-Pier, for five thousand dollars. At its second showing, the film reels are seized by the FBI. Fifty years later, Ferry, who never made another movie, gets a call from a mysterious figure offering to sell him the original reels for one million dollars. In "The Shadow-Pier" itself, Johnny, a soldier presumed dead in the Normandy invasion, returns to Ocean City to rescue his bride of one day, Corinne, from Mr. Barnardine, the gangster who dominates Ocean City. Three intertwined tales of danger, desire and destiny.



July 16, 8 pm
July 21, 12:45 pm
July 24, 5:45 pm
July 29, 8:30 pm
August 3, 6 pm
August 5, 8:30 pm



Jewel Box Theatre, NY

312 West 36th Street
4th Floor
between 8th and 9th Avenue

Tickets $18

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or call (212) 868-4444
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Praise for Wallace's other work:

Waves and Beaches
“Playwright Jonathan Wallace has a sure sense of character definition and a fine-tuned ear for crackling, sometimes poetic, sometimes touching dialog….obviously a man with a load of talent.” Lee Davis, The Southampton Press, February 1, 2007

“{W]ritten with wit, with craft, with a poet’s care for dialog….In the case of Jonathan Wallace, we ought to pay attention to what comes next.” Suzanne McNair, The Easthampton Star, February 7, 2007

The Turtle Tattoo
“Wallace's script is interesting and original, and has the potential to be a compelling and unique theatrical work.” Fred Backus,

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