Snipe's Portfolio

Snipe is a talented drawer of people, places and city life, who works after school at the same software services company where Jonathan Wallace, publisher of the Spectacle, is an executive. There he develops graphics for the company newsletter and corporate intranet. He also attends Art and Design, a high school for young artists in midtown Manhattan. Snipe was born, raised, and lives in the Bronx. His real name is Leon Walls and the main influences on his work are animation, graffitti art, and his urban culture.

The six pictures in this portfolio were commissioned by Jonathan for the Spectacle and were all done in the Spring of 1997. In the following series, Leon depicts Snipe and his friends living out their mad cool lives in the ghetto. All pictures were drawn in pen on paper, inked, then scanned into the computer. (He also did the HTML for the page.)

You can find some of his work on the Ethical Spectacle, as well as on the MLK Resource, where he created all the original images.

If you want to write the artist, he can be reached at

The creator of this page is Mark Mangan.

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