Civil Liberties

Various civil liberties pages, often linked to issues the Spectacle deals with regularly.
For more links on civil liberties issues, please see  the cyber space links.
ACLU The most venerable of civil liberties organizations has a shiny new Web site.
Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do Substantial excerpts of Peter McWilliams' book on victimless crimes, together with ordering information for the entire book.
Ferri Tales The author of this web site says: "Proceed with caution - for mature audiences. This Web site almost has it all: Romance, Sex, Religion, Politics, Evolution, Crime, Drugs, and my favorite -- Breasts. All it needs now is some Rock 'n' Roll." It has a long essay on romance and sex (with some titillating comments which some readers may find offensive). Otherwise, a generally libertarian web site on "morals" issues.