Vol. XVI, No. 1, January 2010

Between the two worlds he was suspended.…The left eye delved narrowly into the past while the right gazed wide and affrighted into a future of blackness, error and ruin. And he was suspended between radiance and darkness. Between bitter irony and faith.--Carson McCullers

Sorry I couldn't come up with anything more optimistic for 2010. I wish you health and contentment anyway....


by Jonathan Wallace

Ambition is pathological.

by Thom Riddle

Permit it for our security.

My Vote Didn't Count
by Toni Seger

Revisiting the 2000 Supreme Court decision.

reviews by Jonathan Wallace

Bogart, Precious, Avatar.

How Sausage is Made
by Peter Bearse

Our seriously broken legislative process.

The Obama Doctrine
by Thomas Vincent

We are still killing little brown people.

Again, in the Beginning...
by Sy Schechtman

Why Genesis remains relevant.

Rags and Bones
a monthly column by Jonathan Wallace

Climate! Health care! Malware! and parking.

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"Noticing that no-one held the values I defended, I decided to make a spectacle of myself."
--Richard Foreman
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