Past Issues

January 1995--Schindler's List, Abolish All Campaign Finance, Bulldozing Palestinian Houses, Time for a Party, Minorities on the Internet

February 1995--Contract With America, Natural Born Killers, Hollywood and Sexual Harassment, My Constitutional Right to Own a SAM, Eye on Newt, Assisted Suicide, More Taxes, Less Deficit

March 1995--Let Gay People Alone; Gun Violence, Gun Rights; Congress Prunes the Fourth Amendment; Texas Kills An Innocent Man; Compassion, Understanding and Welfare; Who Are You?; An Unanswered Letter to Newt Gingrich

April 1995--Microsoft Case; Affirmative Action; End Government Support to the Arts; The Hiroshima Exhibit; The FDA; Israeli History; Human Rights in the USA; Genocide; Guns

May 1995 --the Killings at Kent State; Dissolve the CIA; Guest Viewpoint: Abortion is Wrong; Some Thoughts on the Texas Concealed Carry Law; A Constitutional Right to Drive Cars; Welfare = Disaster Relief; School Lunches; How to Get Rich in Politics; the Internet Gold Rush; Senator Helms and Murder; Interview With the Vampire

June 1995 --An Auschwitz Alphabet; Hate is in the Air; Rape and Double Standards;The Liberal 60's were Better Than the Conservative '90's

July 1995 --Threats to the Net (with coverage of Jake Baker, Phil Zimmerman,and the Amateur Action cases); Defending NRA Rhetoric

August 1995--Best of the Net; End U.S. Peacekeeping in Bosnia; Congress' Amusing Antics; Anchors or Life Preservers: A Welfare Debate

September 1995--The Prisoner's Dilemma; Mike Tyson

October 1995--A Shaggy God Story; My Morality and Newt Gingrich's; One Degree of Separation: Newt Gingrich and Timothy McVeigh; Newt Gingrich's Divided Brain; Newt Gingrich Failed To Defend the Internet; Colin Powell for President; Leon Felkins on The Memetic Mine Field; Richard Wallace on Congress at Work

November 1995--Humans and Their Pornography; Fantasy and Morality (A Reply to Anne Rice Fans); Porn on the Net: An Update; the Great Indecency Fake-out; Why the Internet is Dangerous; Please Mr. (Neil) Postman; The O.J. Simpson Debacle; Richard Wallace on the Nazi Image in Contemporary American Politics

December 1995--The Movies of Our Misfortune

January 1996-- The Environment is Where We Live; Mr. Gingrich and the Environment; Dreaming of Peace in Bosnia; The Million Man March; Compassionate Leadership; Third Party Voting; Congress Loses Its Heart

February 1996 --Freedom of Speech, including articles on obscenity, indecency, flagburning, and whether freedom of speech exists.

March 1996-- Ethics and Science Fiction; guest editor Dave Romm, with contributions by Bruce Bethke, Jane Yolen and Lawrence Watt-Evans; Haiti; Congressman Dornan's Perversion; Wiesenthal Center; Church of Scientology; Senator Helms and the NEA; Another Vampire Rant; Two Poems about the Holocaust; Ending US Minority Rule.

April 1996 --Progress and Decay; Judge Baer, Eighty Pounds of Drugs, and Judicial Independence; Congressional Extremism and the Assault Weapon Ban; Leon Felkins on a Rational Justification for Ethical Behavior; William Brown on The Spectacle of Information; Ray Jones Visits the Death Camps; Cultural Subversion, by Frank Moore; Bob Wilson Complains About Chris Jackson; Bruce Clark Gives the ACLU a Piece of His Mind; Klaatu on the Telcom Reform Act; Ethics and the Information Superhighway, by Michael Silverton.

May 1996 --War Crimes; Bob Wilson and Those Pesky Liberals; Daniel Tatar Visits the Death Camps;Seth Finkelstein on CFP-96.

June 1996 --The Unregarded Bomb; A Letter From the Holocaust; Perspectives on Gay Life, by Patricia Nell Warren; Hitler's Willing Executioners; The Israeli Army.

July 1996 --What is Government For? Jon Lebkowsky on Our CDA Victory ; Same Sex Marriage; Patricia Nell Warren on The Right to be Spiritual.

August 1996-- The Media; Censorship as Theater, by Bill Humphries; Truth in the Electronic Age, by Auren Hoffman; Internet Blocking Software, by Seth Finkelstein; Library Books at Risk, by Patricia Nell Warren; A Modern Witch-hunt: A Molestation Trial in California.

September 1996 --Guns; Kent State: An NCO's Perspective, by Colin Campbell; Patricia Nell Warren: Immunity to HIV: The Great "White" Hope; Jon Lebkowsky: Notes for a Cyberdawg Manifesto

October 1996 --The Election; Patricia Nell Warren, The Republicans Go Republi(cc)an; How to Avoid Wasting Your Vote, by Leon Felkins; Bob Wilson on Bill Clinton's Morality; Vote For Nader, by T.J. Moore; Militia Mythology, by Seth Finkelstein.

November 1996 --Violence; Patricia Nell Warren: Weird Things I've Noticed About the Election; Israeli Symbolic Violence; Sy Schechtman on Capitalism and its Discontents; Underage Drinking, by Auren Hoffman; Rodney Adams on Privatization of Nuclear Waste Management.

December 1996 --Technology; Declan McCullagh and Seth Finkelstein debate Universal Service on the Net; Dan Carol on Intellectual Cyberfoolishness; An Open Letter to the Software Publisher's Association; Bob Wilson Comments on the Election; Patricia Nell Warren: When Human Life is Cheap; William Brown: The Forty-one Curses, Crises and Conspiracies of Everyday Life

January 1997 --Are We a Nation?; Patricia Nell Warren: Marriage, The Ultimate Perk; Norman Solomon: The Media's Contra/Drug Snow Job

February 1997 --Compassion; Norman Solomon on TV Ratings; Audrie Krause on telcom "reform"; Auren Hoffman on ads in outer space; Christopher Currie on the electoral college; Fred Fariss on the religious right.

March 1997 --Kids on the Web, including a Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, by the Pencom Web Club; Jean Betrand Aristide on Formal and Living Democracies; Patricia Nell Warren: "And Liberty for All" in the South; Bob Wilson: How Liberal Politicians Cheat; Auren Hoffman: Fix Affirmative Action; An amicus brief in the CDA case; a briefing paper on censorware in libraries.

April 1997 -- Capitalism; Patricia Nell Warren on Mel Gibson; Auren Hoffman on Smart Cards; Bob Wilson on the Doctor Glut; Danny Yee Reviews Coetzee's Giving Offense; Monty on The Logic of God.

May 1997-- Freedom of Speech; Patricia Nell Warren on Heavengate; Auren Hoffman on Women and the Draft; An Open Letter From Comet Discoverer Alan Hale; Jon Lebkowsky on Activism, Freedom, Apocalypse and Zen; the Equality Myth, by Leon Felkins; A Few Gripes, by Jonathan Wallace; Danny Yee reviews The Secret Museum.

June 1997-- War; Patricia Nell Warren on Volunteering for our Youth; Auren Hoffman asks you to Cuss Him Out; Bob Wilson on Lt. Kelly Flinn; Edward Hasbrouck on Another Flag Amendment; Jon Lebkowsky on Waco; Danny Yee reviews Geoffrey Parker's The Military Revolution ; Bob Wilson Rebuts More Boring Gun Stuff from Wallace; Capitalism is not Tragic, by Irving.

July 1997-- Lawyers; Gosta Lovgren on a Constitutional amendment barring lawyers from public office; Seth Finkelstein on Shakespeare's lawyer joke; Auren Hoffman on cloning; Bob Wilson on President Clinton and Paula Jones; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream; Sigmund Shen on Tiger Woods; Danny Yee reviews Sara Baase's A Gift of Fire; Bob Wilson on Flagburning; John Payson on The Right to Revolution; The Netpics Prosecution.

August 1997-- Libertarianism; Replies from Jim Ray and Bob Wilson; Commentary by Seth Finkelstein and Jamie McCarthy; David Dennis on Social Security; Jim Ray on Ballot Access Laws; Frank Moore's Letter to Senator Helms; Danny Yee Reviews Menand on Academic Freedom; Richard Moore on Common Sense in Cyberspace; Richard Thieme on Freedom and the Net; Patricia Nell Warren on the Net as a Genie on the Loose; Martin Siegel's NetToon.

September 1997-- Revolution; Ed Hurley on the Feminist Response to Pornography; Richard Thieme: Dreams Engineers Have; Nathan Newman on the Hypocrisy of ISP Welfare; How the Israelis Turn Palestinians into Terrorists, by Jonathan Wallace; Jim Ray Says Defund the NEA; Margaret Sanger, Forced Sterilization and The Nazis; Danny Yee Reviews Bonobo; Martin Siegel's NetToon; Oklahoma Bans The Tin Drum.

October 1997-- Kazoo Concerto (hyperfiction); Richard Thieme: Sex, Religion and Cyberspace; Three Myths About Government, Markets and the Net, by Anders Schneiderman; Ratings Systems for the Web, by Jonathan Wallace.

November 1997-- Human creative work; Scott Bonds Copyrights His DNA; Kimball Jensen on Generation X, Families and Faith; Racial Conflict and Diversity, by Michael B. Sullivan; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream: The Power of Projection, the Power of Digital Presence; Bob Wilson Claims Women Can't Jump: Why the WNBA isn't fun; Danny Yee Reviews Microcosmos, by Margulis and Sagan; The Death of a Princess:Mother Teresa and Princess Di, by Auren Hoffman; Jon Lebkowsky's Cyberdawg Barking: Chasing Shadows; The Semiotic Princess by Jonathan Wallace; The Irrepressible Internet: Phil Agre on The Internet and Education; The Java Lobby Calls For A Stand Against Microsoft; Martin Siegel's NetToon: Why The Web Deserves Your Love; Parental Supervision and the Net by Wes Morgan; Spooks on the Net by Keith Parkins;The Crypto Boondoggle by Jonathan Wallace; David Burt: The Mind of a Censor, by Jonathan Wallace.

December 1997-- The Death Penalty; Blacklisted by CyberPatrol: From Ada to Yoyo; Yesteryear and Tomorrow, by Auren Hoffman; An Auschwitz Bulletin; George Greene: Diversity and Racial Conflict, A reply to Michael Sullivan; Shawn Ambwani, The Failure of Government-Supported Television; Bob Wilson on Misguided Liberal Programs; Martin Siegel's NetToon; Snipe's Portfolio; Jon Lebkowsky's Cyberdawg Barking: A Letter to Big Brother; Paul Kneisel on Hate Speech; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream; Censorware Coverage: CyberPatrol: The Friendly Censor, by Jonathan Wallace; A Defeat in Loudoun County; Fred Stielow: A Librarian Comments; Library Computer Disfigures Child, by Jamie McCarthy.

January 1998-- The Future, by Jonathan Wallace; Brave Nerf World, by Auren Hoffman; Bob Wilson, on the Conservative Military; Daryl Lease, on Modern Bookburning; Robert Lederman: How New York City Persecutes Street Artists; Martin Siegel's NetToon: On Crime; Snipe's Portfolio; Sy Schechtman, on Maidenhood, Motherhood, and Modernity; PICS and Censorship, by Mark Newton; There Goes the Neighborhood: CyberPatrol Blocks West Hollywood, by Jonathan Wallace; Solveig Singleton on the White House Censorware Summit; What Vietnam and Loudoun County Have in Common, by Michael Huff; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream: Memory Storage.

February 1998--Bill Clinton Should Resign; Brooklyn of Dreams, a hyperfiction by Jonathan Wallace; a debate on banning land mines (Wallace, Jim Ray, Bob Wilson); Auren Hoffman on print and cursive; Bob Wilson on welfare reform; Jamie McCarthy writes to a university about hate speech; Jason Chervokas calls for the Clinton Doctrine; Richard Thieme on the illusion of control; Wayne Grytting's American Newspeak; Martin Siegel on Doing the Diversity Drag; Snipe's Portfolio.

March 1998--The Ethical Spectacle Joins ACLU Censorware Suit; James Joyce's High Grade Ha, by Jonathan Wallace; Bruce Sterling's Closing Speech at CFP; CyberPatrol and Dejanews, by the Censorware Project; No Gatekeepers, by Jonathan Wallace; Lewis Koch on Matt Drudge; Auren Hoffman on age discrimination in car rentals; Bob Wilson says Bill Clinton Should Stay; Texas Killed Karla Fay, by Jonathan Wallace; John O'Driscoll replies to Jim Ray on gun control; Lily James on democracy here and in India; Wayne Grytting's American Newspeak; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream.

April 1998-- On Writing, by Jonathan Wallace; Censorware Project Senate Testimony; Daryl Lease on Personal Coaches; Lily James Feels Sorry for Bill Gates; Wayne Grytting's American Newspeak; Auren Hoffman on Immigration; Internal Divisions at NRA.

May 1998-- Current Events, by Jonathan Wallace: The Paula Jones Case; Four Murdered Churchwomen; Gays in the Military; Israel at 50; Federal Courts Use Censorware, by the Censorware Project; Chris Ellison on Net Access, not Net Panic; Jon Lebkowsky: The Usenet Death Penalty; The Net is Unfilterable, by Michael Sims; Bob Wilson on the Jonesboro Killings; Dary Lease: Be Kind to Your Brain; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream; Clinton's Teflon Coat, by Hao-Nhien Q. Vu.

June 1998-- Problems of Free Speech, including speech as a tragedy of the commons and as a prisoner's dilemma, and speech and guns; three articles on the Microsoft antitrust case; fiction: Montauk, a hyprnovella about love and software development, by Jonathan Wallace; Auren Hoffman on venture capital; Snipe's Portfolio; Daryl Lease Lathers, Rinses, Repeats; Walter Lee on the killing of Vicki Weaver; Steven McArthur on technology; Wayne Grytting's American Newspeak; Sarah Thompson, M.D., on the Boy Scouts; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream.

July 1998-- A Debate on Guns; Replies to Wallace on Free Speech and Guns; Defending Judges Against Liza Minelli: The WebSENSE Censorware at Work, by the Censorware Project; Auren Hoffman: Your Brain on Drugs; Texas Decides Not to Kill Henry Lee Lucas, by Jonathan Wallace; Aussie Meyer on Juneteenth; Snipe's Portfolio; Daryl Lease Wants to Be a Bellhop in the Capitol; Mulder and McLuhan: Why the X-Files Doesn't Work on the Big Screen, by Jonathan Wallace; Wayne Grytting's American Newspeak; Josh Pollack Replies to Wallace on Israel; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream; Martin Siegel: Bill and Vernon; Bob Wilson: Government as a parasite.

August 1998-- Biology, Technology, Vanity, by Jonathan Wallace; Free Kevin Mitnick; Auren Hoffman: Are Humans Like Computers?; Jonathan Wallace on Starr and the Press; Frank Moore on Credit Card Morality; Daryl Lease Sincerely Wants to be Rich; Jim Ray on The Original Second Amendment; God in Jewish History, by Sy Schechtman; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream; Bob Wilson on Baptists and the Media.

September 1998-- President Fuck-Up, by Jonathan Wallace; The Slinker, by Martin Siegel; Losing a Wheel, by Jonathan Wallace; Was Private Ryan Worth It?-- articles by John Spragge and Jonathan Wallace; Jamie McCarthy on TrustE; Daryl Lease on Merger Mania; James LaRue on Banned Books Week; Frank Moore on Cultural Subversion; Walter Lee Visits Israel; Wayne Grytting's American Newspeak; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream; Snipe's Portfolio.

October 1998-- Jonathan Wallace on leadership; Dark Starr, with contributions by Janette Rainwater, Bob Wilson, Richard Thieme, Jonathan Wallace and Daryl Lease; Someone to Lean On, new hyperfiction by Jonathan Wallace; A January 3, 2000 Manifesto, by Bruce Sterling; Snipe's Portfolio; A review of Krakauer's Into Thin Air.

November 1998-- Accidental Angels: On the motives for art, by Jonathan Wallace; Microsoft Goes to College, by Nathan Newman; Is President Clinton a Sociopath? by Sarah Thompson, MD; Mayor Giuliani's Art Police, by Robert Lederman; Geek Force Communique 1.1; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream: Modules and Metaphors.

December 1998-- Politics in America, by Jonathan Wallace, including: Voting feels good; Newt in flames; Not a Christian nation; Thomas Jefferson and the Crown of Creation; The resistible rise of Rudy Giuliani; Matt Gaylor salutes Jesse "The Body" Ventura, but Bob Wilson disagrees; Martin Siegel's Predictions for 1999.

January 1999-- Planets of Desire: the human impulse for space travel, by Jonathan Wallace; Glynn Ash, Bob Wilson, Hans Wierenga and Jonathan Wallace on impeachment.

February 1999-- Proust's Ruined Mirror, by Jonathan Wallace; Glynn Ash on the Politics of Hate; Greg Emery on World Religions; Wayne Grytting's American Newspeak; Jim Ray on Impeachment; Michael Sims on Mensa and PICS; An Auschwitz Bulletin; Jonathan Wallace on Saddam Hussein.

March 1999-- That Traitor, Language, by Jonathan Wallace; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream; Glynn Ash, Walter Lee, Jonathan Wallace and Bill Meacham on impeachment; Wallace on the Nuremberg Files Web Site; Wayne Grytting's American Newspeak; Daryl Lease on The End of the World as We Know It.

April 1999-- Desire, by Jonathan Wallace; Martin Siegel on DiMaggio; John Spragge's Crossing the Medicine Line, on Canada and the U.S.; Walter Lee replies on the ethics of impeachment; Bob Wilson on President Clinton's outrageous behavior; Glynn Ash on morality and the weather; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream; Wayne Grytting's American Newspeak.

May 1999-- Beckett...Entropy...Hawking...Time, by Jonathan Wallace; President Clinton, John O'Driscoll, Fred Fariss, Martin Siegel, Lizard, and Jonathan Wallace on Columbine; Bob Wilson, Jonathan Wallace and Glyn Ash on Kosovo; Daryl Lease gets ready for space visitors; Poetry by Janet Buck; John Spragge's Crossing the Medicine Line; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream; Wayne Grytting's American Newspeak.

June 1999-- Does God Exist? A Debate between Lizard and Walter Lee; Morality and Ice Cream, by Jonathan Wallace; Columbine: There Were No Monsters, by Jackie Augustine; and Blame the Liberals, by Bob Wilson; The Censorware Project Writes to the FCC; Sex, Lies and Censorware, by James Tyre; Thoughts from the Harvard Conference on Internet and Society, by Seth Finkelstein; Encryption's Bounty, by Jonathan Wallace; Support the Troops...Why? by Glynn Ash; Daryl Lease Writes to Jerry Falwell; Poetry, by Janet Buck; John Spragge's Crossing the Medicine Line: Medicine as a Community Commitment; Wayne Grytting's American Newspeak.

July 1999-- A Day in Jerusalem, by Jonathan Wallace; Peter Bearse on the Lessons of Littleton; Governor Shrub and the Internet, by John Bain; The God Debate: A Reply, by Andrea Steward; Poetry by Janet Buck; Hell in a Handbasket, by Bob Wilson; John Spragge's Crossing the Medicine Line: Sacred Fire: American Culture and Sanctified Violence; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream; Wayne Grytting's American Newspeak.

August 1999-- Jonathan Wallace on freedom of speech: what is it? How free is ours? Money and speech; Lessons of Littleton: a reply to Peter Bearse, by John Rickman; Philip K. Dick's Human Vision, by Kyla Bremner; Broken People, by Andrea Steward; Until the End of the World, by Adrienne Redd; Bob Wilson Takes His Hat Off to Hillary Clinton; Poetry by Janet Buck; Fred Fariss on Postnatal Abortion; John Spragge's Crossing the Medicine Line: Reason and the Face of the State; Wayne Grytting's American Newspeak.

September 1999-- The Movies, by Jonathan Wallace, including essays on The Blair Witch Project, boxing movies, film noir, and making better movies for less; The Fractal Revolution, by Peter Bearse; Glynn Ash on Mumia Abu Jamal; Bob Wilson on the Woodstock Debacle; Authoritarian Grammar, Fundamentalist Arithmetic, part I, by Ben G. Price; Poetry by Janet Buck; Wayne Grytting's American Newspeak.

October 1999-- My Twentieth Century, by Jonathan Wallace; Authoritarian Grammar and Fundamentalist Arithmetic, Part 2, by Ben G. Price; A Letter to Kofi Annan, by Glynn Ash; Bob Wilson on President Clinton and Violence; The Heretical Imperative, by Walter Lee; Wayne Grytting's American Newspeak.

November 1999-- Is Software Art or Engineering?, by Jonathan Wallace; Authoritarian Grammar and Fundamentalist Arithmetic, part 3, by Ben G. Price; The Senate's Nuclear Irresponsibility, by Jonathan Wallace; Uri Avnery on the Israeli peace process; Lizard on the Truth about Cats and Gods; Big Mac, Rare, by Martin Siegel; Mayor Giuliani's Nervous Breakdown, by Jonathan Wallace; Clinton, Bush and Cocaine, by Bob Wilson; Economic Wargames, by Dal Timgar; John Spragge's Crossing the Medicine Line: Great Cities: Toronto; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream.

December 1999-- Morality and Truth, by Jonathan Wallace; Thank God I'm an Atheist, by Lizard; Do You Believe in Magic? by Ben G. Price; Bob Wilson on Our Friend the Bomb; Authoritarian Grammar and Fundamentalist Arithmetic, by Ben G. Price; Laboring in the Political Vineyards, by Peter Bearse; An Appeal on Israeli House Demolition, by the Israeli Peace Bloc; An Open Letter to Ambassador Barshefsky, by Glynn Ash; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream; John Spragge's Crossing the Medicine Line: Great Cities: Boston.

January 2000-- Globalism and Tear Gas: eyewitness accounts and analysis of the WTO and the demonstrations in Seattle by Phil Agre, Starhawk, Chris McGinn, Amnesty International, Jonathan Wallace, Paul McMasters, Ben G. Price, Bob Wilson and John Spragge.

February 2000-- Dictators and Turtles: Night Thoughts About World Government, by Jonathan Wallace; EToys Bullies an Art Site; Lizard on Y2k; There's Something About Mary: Maria Lewytzkyj on the Brooklyn Museum's "Sensation" Exhibit; Authoritarian Grammar and Fundamentalist Arithmetic, Part 5, by Ben G. Price; The Other Israel on Peace With Syria; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream; Keep Elian Gonzales Here, by Bob Wilson.

March 2000-- Amadou Diallo and Rudy Giuliani, by Jonathan Wallace; Pets, by Jonathan Wallace; Paul Hawken and Jim Desyllas on Seattle; a Xenotransplantation Action Alert; Fred Fariss on Courage; More Palestinian Expulsions, by the Other Israel; An Economic Case for Allowing More Highly Skilled Immigration, by John Litwinski; Fear of an Imagi Nation: Lizard on the Fundamentalists and Harry Potter; Ben Price Gets Himself Arrested Protesting Campaign Finance; Florida Brutally Kills Allen Lee Davis.

April 2000-- Natural Rights Don't Exist, by Jonathan Wallace; Mayor Giuliani and Unarmed Black Men, by Jonathan Wallace; Send Elian Gonzales Home, by Jules Dervaes; Bruce Lightner, a Letter on Guns; Muggles for Harry Potter; Free Speech and Soft Money, by Jonathan Wallace; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream.

May 2000-- Lying, by Jonathan Wallace; Robert Mykoff and Jonathan Wallace on Elian Gonzalez; A Created Universe Would Not be Proof of God, by Lizard; Ben Price replies to Wallace on Soft Money; Walter Lee Replies to Bruce Lightner on Guns; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream.

June 2000-- Jury Duty, with contributions by Timothy Heap, the Fully Informed Jury Association, Lizard, Russ Emal and Dr. Julian Heicklen; Jonathan Wallace and Bennie Demps (on death row awaiting execution) on the death penalty; Repeal All the Gun Laws, by Harry Browne; Cognitive Cacaphony and its Dissonant Spin, by Seymour Schechtman; a Dispatch from Granny D; The Coaltion Against Censorship and Propaganda.

July 2000-- The Death Penalty, with contributions by Jonathan Wallace, Amnesty International, the American Bar Association, Feral and Gary Graham (Shaka Sankofa); Aqua-Tarkus on Elian Gonzales; BATF and the Graying of the Law, by Walter Lee; Martin Siegel on Ralph Nader; Jesus Kitsch, by Ben G. Price; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream.

August 2000-- May 1970: A Memory of Activism, by Jonathan Wallace; To Hope or Not to Hope, by the Other Israel; Writing in Digital Clay, by Lizard; the Federal Death Penalty, a letter from five members of Congress; The Injustice of Death, a speech by Tracie Lamourie; The Patriot: a Great Movie, by Larry Pratt.

September 2000-- Democracy and Stupidity, by Jonathan Wallace; Paved With Good Intentions: A Political Model of Inclusion, by Sarah Berman; The Almost Perfect President, by Seymour Schectman; The Torah and the Death Penalty, by Rabbi Joshua Heller; A Demonstration Against the Death Penalty at the Republican Convention, by the International Action Center; Make a Puppet, Go to Jail, submitted by Jim Warren; Anti-Gun Nut of the Month: The Episcopal Church, by Larry Pratt; Has Your Bookshelf Been Approved by the BATF?, by Vin Suprynowicz.

October 2000-- Democracy and Illusion, by Jonathan Wallace; Bush and Gore Make Me Wanna Ralph, by Michael Moore; An Israeli Peace Activist is Sued for Libel, by the Israeli Peace Bloc; Causation and Common Sense, by Dr. David Murray; Inflate Here, by Ben G. Price; Anti-Gun Nuts Targeting Water Pistols, by Larry Pratt; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream; Social Security and the Generation of Obligations, by Alasdair Denvil.

November 2000-- Why I'm voting for Ralph Nader, by Jonathan Wallace; Israel, by Jonathan Wallace; coverage of the crisis including Countering U.S. Media Bias, by the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Sharon's Provocation at the Temple Mount, by the Israeli Peace Bloc, How We See Things, by Adam Keller, and The Explosion, by Adam Keller and Beate Zilversmidt; Al Gore and the Internet, by Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf; Blood and Games, by Howard Fienberg; Coupon Democracy, by Ben G. Price; Oblivion Confounded, by Seymour Schechtman; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream.

December 2000-- Schrodinger's Election, with articles by Jonathan Wallace, Phil Agre, John Samples, Bob Wilson, Voodoo People, Howard Fienberg and Iain Murray. Also, "Defense Attorney Wanted His Client to Die," by the Common Sense Foundation; Adam Keller describes an attack on the Israeli Peace Bloc; a letter demanding a moratorium on federal executions; The Hungry, The Haunted, the Hunted, by Ben G. Price; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream.

January 2001-- The Internet Bubble, by Jonathan Wallace; False Populism v. Constitutional Democracy, by Peter Bearse; The Election Nobody Won, by William Hathaway; The Supreme Court's Gore Exception, by William Levine; Poverty Defeated Gore, by Jonathan Wallace; Howard Fienberg on Chiropracty; U.S. Senator Russell Feingold on the Death Penalty; My Speech to the Judge, by Ben G. Price; Technical Giants, Ethical Infants, by Mark Antony Rossi; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream.

February 2001-- Minority Rule, by Jonathan Wallace; Democracy Devalued, by Ben G. Price; Apocalypse Then and Now, by Christopher Batty; the Palestinian Right of Return, by Uri Avnery; Jesse Jackson Writes to Governor Frank Keating About the Death Penalty; What Happened to the Censorware Project, by Seth Finkelstein; John Ashcroft's Speech at Bob Jones University; The Ethics of Xenotransplantation, by Pascal Ferzli.

March 2001--Internet Freedom of Speech, by Jonathan Wallace, with articles on the Children's Internet Protection Act, backing off the Internet bullies, a letter to the chairman of the FCC, and a web libel adventure; Adam Keller and Beate Zilversmidt on Sharon; C. Clark Kissinger gives a speech and goes to jail; John Spragge on Donald Rumsfeld and Andre Maginot; Jonathan Wallace says an angry farewell to Bill Clinton; Wayne Grytting's American Newspeak.

April 2001--Edith Wharton's House of Mirth, by Jonathan Wallace; Thoughts on Winning an EFF Pioneer Award, by Seth Finkelstein; John Spragge's Crossing the Medicine Line: Faithful Unto Bankruptcy; Israeli Peace Activists Unblock a Road, by the Israeli Peace Bloc; Matt Gaylor Reviews Cass Sunstein's; Who Won the Cold War? by Ben G. Price; The Mystery of Capital: A Review, by Benjamin Reeve; Wayne Grytting's American Newspeak; The Death Penalty: Life in the Balance, by Barbara Bergman; Meritocracy Plus, by Seymour Schechtman; The Napster Crisis in a Nutshell, by Colin Stokes; The Warming Commons, by Jonathan Wallace.

May 2001--Da Vinci, Duration, Death, by Jonathan Wallace; John Gilmore on copy protection; John Spragge's Crossing the Medicine Line; The shooting in a Palestinian town; Richard Stallman on e-books; Democracy as a Participatory Sport, by Ben Price; Ariel Sharon, by Jonathan Wallace; Wayne Grytting's American Newspeak; The Public Killing of Timothy McVeigh, by Jonathan Wallace; Church and State, by Fred Fariss; Who Deserves a (Tax) Break Today, by Tom Granger; Mike McGlothlin reviews Christopher Hitchens' Trial of Henry Kissinger; Christian Parenti reviews Franklin's Vietnam and Other American Fantasies; William Hathaway on Jews returning to Germany.

June 2001--Nonviolence, by Jonathan Wallace; 80 Theses, Draft for a New Peace Camp, by the Israeli Peace Bloc; Benjamin Reeve replies to John Gilmore on copy protection; The Stopped Clock Syndrome, by Sy Schechtman; Why Kids Kill, by Bob Wilson; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream: Interpretation; The Shameful Exploitation of Dr. King, by Jonathan Wallace;What to do about China, by Jonathan Wallace.

July 2001--Timothy McVeigh and "Closure", by Jonathan Wallace; A Statement by McVeigh's Attorney; Fred Fariss on Closure; Israel and the Palestinians: Who Won?, by Uri Avnery; Cold War II, by James Freeman; Globalization and the Level Playing Field, by Earl Mardle; John Ashcroft and Richard Olney, by Ben G. Price; An Open Letter to 2600 Magazine, by Benjamin Reeve; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream: The Shadow of the Dog.

August 2001--Rogue State, Part I: Our Friend the Kill Vehicle, by Jonathan Wallace; The True Face of the Israeli Occupation, by Adam Keller and Beate Zilversmidt; The DMCA and Dmitri Skylarov, by Seth Finkelstein; Steven Spielberg Wants to be a Real Boy, by Jonathan Wallace; Revolution in Business as a Basis for Political Reform, by Peter Bearse; Enkidu, by Jonathan Wallace; Stem Cell Research, by Fred Fariss; Adding Insult to Injury: The Bush Legacy, by Ben G. Price; China and the Olympics, by Jonathan Wallace; Mike McGlothlin on justifiable violence; Toshi Tomitani on Andrew Sullivan's sexual politics; Giant Leaps by Small Steps, by Dave E Romm; Sy Schechtman on immigration; John Spragge's Crossing the Medicine Line.

September 2001--First reactions to the September 11 attacks; The Treaty Ripper, by Jonathan Wallace; Demonstrating at Orient House, by Gush Shalom; A Letter to the U.N. Racism Conference, by Mumia Abu-Jamal; Struggling Over Gun Control, by Adelaide Eldridge; P.M. Lawrence on Globalization; The Tiniest President, by Jonathan Wallace; Even Maloney, the pragmatic libertarian, dislikes Microsoft; Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney on reparations for slavery; Wayne Grytting's American Newspeak, on Philip Morris; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream; What the Genoa Pictures Didn't Show, by Jim Warren; Bess Won't Go There: Profile of a Censorware Company, by Jonathan Wallace.

October 2001--Year Zero: A first-hand account of the attacks and the aftermath, with thoughts about what war will mean, the propensity towards breast-beating, and war and law, by Jonathan Wallace; other coverage of the emergency by Martin Lee, Ken Brown, Peter Bearse, Benjamin Ferencz, Don Gingrich, Harry Kapsales, Fred Fariss, Lizard, Richard Thieme, Matthew Hogan, Ben G. Price, Phyllis and Orlando Rodriguez, Bob Wilson, the War Resisters' League and John Spragge.

November 2001--Year Zero: In the Valley of the Black Pig; In which I become a Red Cross Courier; Anthrax and Authority, all by Jonathan Wallace; The Mystical Doctor, by Francois Fouche; Richard Kidd on Afghanistan; Farhad Mafie on Iran's dialog of cultures and civilizations; Its Not Year Zero, by Earl Mardle; George Caffentzis on 9/11 and globalization; The Armchair Strategist, by Mike McGlothlin; The Nobel Laureates speak; Philip Schulman on Strategies for Peace; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream; Seth Finkelstein on the DMCA; Tristan Louis on eradicating terrorism.

December 2001--Year Zero: Military Tribunals, and The Urns, by Jonathan Wallace; the ACLU on military tribunals; Ben Price responds to Wallace on law and war; James Bartlett on the "Homeland" buzzword; Fidel Castro on September 11; September 11 and Religion, by Daniel Cayen; Immigration and Loyalty, by Fred Fariss; Kurt Kaletka on the people who booed Hillary Clinton at ground zero; Wayne Grytting's American Newspeak: Advanced Flag Waving; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream; John Spragge's Crossing the Medicine Line, on the border post 9/11; Peter Lawrence gives an Australian perspective on the strategic issues.

January 2002--Year Zero: God v. God, and Steganography My Ass: On the dangers of private and self-censorship in wartime; the ACLU responds to John Ashcroft on dissent; Ben Price on economic terrorism; two Armchair Strategist columns by Mike McGlothlin; Kobutsu Malone relates how he was beaten by Philadelphia police during a pro-Mumia demonstration; Ann Fisher tries to visit her office overlooking Ground Zero; Francois Fouche on Catholicism; Farhad Mafie on democracy in Iran; Matthew Hogan on the story of King Herod and what it suggests about today's events; Seth Finkelstein on the surveillance state; Wayne Grytting's American Newspeak; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream.

February 2002--Year Zero: Huge (on the social, practical and ethical implications of the World Trade Center design) and Falling Flights and Meteorites, a personal reminiscence of the week flight 587 crashed in Queens; Peter Bearse replies to Wallace on God and 9/11; Seth Finkelstein on Alan Dershowitz's proposal for a "torture warrant"; Mike McGlothlin on military jargon; Bennett Haselton reveals that Cyberpatrol censorware blocks the American Cancer Society; Farhad Mafie calls for a boycott of the movie "Kandahar"; Matthew Hogan on ethnic profiling; Evan Maloney on the politically correct but historically incorrect firefighter statue; Tom Crumpacker on how the US government bullies travellers to Cuba; Jesus and Resistance, by Francois Fouche; New York firefighters call for a more thorough WTC investigation; the Voice of Palestine responds to Israeli bombing of its facilities.

March 2002--Year Zero: Gulfari and the Magic Button (on the ethics of bombing) by Jonathan Wallace; A Letter to John Ashcroft, by the Washington D.C. ACLU Chapter and others; Matthew Hogan on Neo-Redneckery; Sabine Lichtenfels describes a journey to Israel and Palestine; Israeli Reservists swear not to fight in the occupied territories; State of Disunion, by Evan Maloney; Farhad Mafie on Nader Naderpour; The Murder of Frank Valdez, by Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty; Sudden Freedom, by Lisette Garcia; Peter Bearse on campaign finance reform; John Spragge on the "axis of evil"; Jonathan Wallace on Enron.

April 2002--Year Zero: Memory. Fear. Hope. Closure, by Jonathan Wallace; Soy Valdes, by Lisette Garcia; A Twelve Step Program for Recovering Liberals, by Ben G. Price; Evan Maloney on the six month "anniversary" of September 11; Seth Finkelstein on Internet content ratings; Farhard Mafie on President Bush and Iran; Colin Shea on Ariel Sharon; Matthew Hogan, Neo-Redneckery II: The Neo-Confederates; A Lying Sack of Government, by Jonathan Wallace; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream.

May 2002--Breakfast of Scorpions (Sharon, Arafat, world without end, amen) by Jonathan Wallace; Matthew Hogan on the Palestinians' secret weapon; Tommy Ates on the Cincinnati riots; Christine Smith, on the agony of losing someone to execution; Five great presidents, by Sy Schechtman; Ross Townsend, Free Speech Online and Offline.

June 2002--Two Year Zero essays by Jonathan Wallace: September 11 memorials and reminiscences of working with the bereaved families; a memorial that works, by Annette Swierzbinski; Bravery and knavery, by Matthew Hogan; Tommy Ates on the Israelis and the Saudis; Evan Maloney on the impossibility of peace with Arafat; Ben G. Price on corporations as outlaws; Building, not Bombing, by Annette Swierzbinski; Seth Finkelstein on the Internet Content Rating Association; Gina Varolli on the ethics of student loans; John Spragge on the experience of returning to Canada; Farhad Mafie on Arafat and Iran.

July 2002--Suicide and statehood, by Jonathan Wallace; Evan Maloney on how the record companies seek to control what you can do with music; Sy Schectman, Classical Music and Culture on the Slippery Slope; Richard Forno on Microsoft; Richard Rossi on the integrity of the judge who gave him his death sentence; Evan Maloney on mideast peace; Not in Our Names, the anti-war group you haven't read about in the New York Times; Tommy Ates on school vouchers; Peter Bearse's testimony before the Federal Elections Commission; Seth Finkelstein on the court decision overthrowing the library censorware law.

August 2002--Emergency Medical Technician, a Year Zero essay by Jonathan Wallace; Oppressed People Suck, by Matthew Hogan; Leon Felkins on the free lunch; David Gordon White on the pledge of allegiance; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream; Babies in Semtex Pajamas, a song by John O'Driscoll.

September 2002--Democracy is Leaking, by Jonathan Wallace; Seth Finkelstein on censorware; Greg Stachowski on Iraq; Evan Maloney on the Democrats; Morality and Mortality, by Peter Bearse; Denise Clark on Russia.

October 2002--September 11, 2002, a Year Zero essay by Jonathan Wallace; Seth Finkelstein on Digital Rights Management; Leon Felkins on technology; Evan Maloney on Iraq; We Have Met the Enemy. He is Us, by Peter Bearse; America's Messianic War Cult, by Matthew Hogan; John Spragge on the Internet and borders; Sy Schechtman on happiness; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream; Gina Varolli on the UNFPA.

November 2002--Waist Deep in the Big Muddy: ethics and practicalities of the upcoming war against Iraq, by Jonathan Wallace; also, Wayne Grytting, Ben Price and Sy Schechtman on Iraq; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream; Tommy Ates on lower middle class and poor children foreclosed from educational opportunities; Seth Finkelstein on DMCA; Matthew Hogan on conspiracy theories.

December 2002--Towards a One Party State, by Jonathan Wallace; Matthew Hogan on the Racak massacre; Amazing and Agonizing Transformations, by Sy Schechtman; Federal Rx: Marijuana, by Christopher Largen; Farhad Mafie on Iran's leftover leftists; The Terror War's Backseat Drivers, by Evan Maloney.

January 2003--Clueless, by Jonathan Wallace; Wayne Grytting's American Newspeak; Sy Schechtman, How to Live With the NIMBY Syndrome; Bob Wilson on Iraq; Evan Maloney on Trent Lott; Auren Hoffman asks if there will ever be a Gen X president.

February 2003--Vanity and War, by Jonathan Wallace; Wayne Grytting's American Newspeak; Give Peace a Chance to do What, Exactly? by Evan Maloney; The Violent Teacher, by Eliot Brenner; Just War? by Norman Swazo; Michael Sims, Domain Hijacking and Moral Equivalency, by Jonathan Wallace; Protect the Constitution, by Alex Dashevsky; A Speech About Dr. King, by Ben G. Price.

March 2003--Dictator Removal Service?, by Jonathan Wallace; Jonathan Wallace on the anti-war demonstration; Sean Carter and H. Scott Prosterman on the Iraq war; Evan Winterfield on the Hamdi case; an amicus brief in the CIPA case.

April 2003--Watching the War, by Jonathan Wallace; In memory of Salman Hamdani; Cindy Carmichael on vicariously experiencing the war with her Iraqi-American husband; Sean Carter on suits against gun manufacturers; Its Fascism, Stupid, by Scott Prosterman; Rules of Law in the U.S. Global War on Terrorism, by Norman Swazo; Sy Schechtman, Requiem for the Peace Process; A War in Iraq is the Best--Or Worst Thing to Happen, by Alex Dashevsky; Evan Maloney on how New York's streets emptied after war was declared; Libertarianism and Poverty, by Dennis Loo; Thom Riddle on the POW video; Bush's War on Iraq, by Christine Smith; Putting Condoms on Bananas, by Sarah Owocki; Daniel Patrick Walsh, on fundamentalism among our leaders; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream; Aaron Hanscom: A love affair (a parable); War Among the Innocents, by Ben G. Price.

May 2003--The Chill (to freedom of speech), by Jonathan Wallace; Blue Bloods v. Red Bloods, by Ben G. Price; Sy Schechtman on the silent American empire; Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting on the media's inattention to civilian deaths in Iraq; Wayne Grytting's American Newspeak; Sean Carter on blind justice; Farhad Mafie on Iran; Thom Riddle's moment of truth; Daniel Patrick Welch on the road to hell in Iraq; Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream.

June 2003--The Aftermath, by Jonathan Wallace; Evan Maloney is not bothered when left-wing celebrities speak out; Farhad Mafie on Iran; Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting on the media's lack of interest in cluster bombs; Pleasure: the essence of man, by Adam Budde; Sean Carter on the "Matrix" defense; Francisco Femia on the neocons; "Oh, God! Bush 2", by Dom Stasi.

July 2003--Trapped in the Filter, by Jonathan Wallace, on the Supreme Court's CIPA decision; Peter Bearse on media and American democracy; Jay Verkuilen on Electoral Arithmetic; Danny Welch endorses Dennis Kucinich; Evan Maloney on whether Osama bin Laden exists; Who Would Jesus Sue? by Sean Carter.

August 2003 -- Ethics of a Fish Dinner, by Jonathan Wallace; Year 2000 and the Agenda for Reform by Peter Bearse; A Dream Field of Our Own by Sy Schechtman; Our President is a Criminal by Danny Welch; Brain Terminal: The Great Media Melt-down by Evan Maloney; Civility Makes a Great Scam by Alasdair Denvil.

September 2003 -- The BlackOut, by Jonathan Wallace; Still Crazy by Daniel Patrick Welch; Drug Testing by Joshua Gaines; If They Gave A Hurricane and No Reporters Came? by H. Scott Prosterman; The Outrageous Deficit by Thom Riddle; Judge Moore's Moral Relativism by Alasdair Denvil.

October 2003 -- The Polluted Internet by Jonathan Wallace; Loyal Opposition, Disloyal Regent by Daniel Patrick Welch; The Daughter I Can't Hear From by Cindy Corrie; Unfunded Altruism by Alasdair Denvil; A Response to Peter Bearse's "Year 2000 and the AGENDA for REFORM" by Ben G. Price; Thou Shalt Not Campaign From the Bench by Sean Carter.

November 2003-- My SUV, by Jonathan Wallace; Do Not Call is Bad for All, by Sean Carter; Iraq: A Work in Progress, by Bob Wilson; How Psychology Majors Corrupted America's Youth, by Alex Dashevsky; Dom Stasi on the president's philosophy of taxing, spending and budgeting; Sy Schechtman on the missing WMD in Iraq.

December 2003--Life and Death in Outer Space, by Jonathan Wallace; President Bush Needs "New Europe", by Tommy Ates; Guantanamo and the Law, by Norm Swazo; MASH, Revisited, by Alasdair Denvil; Charactyer Assassination by Email, by Evan Maloney; Sy Schechtman on the resurgence of antisemitism; Steve on Bush in Baghdad; Daniel Patrick Welsh on the cabal in control of our government.

January 2004--Trusting the Government, by Jonathan Wallace; The FBI is Watching You, by Tommy Ates; Bush's Polls, by Steve; Daniel Welsh on the bleating media; The Party of Big Business, by Evan Maloney; Jarrod Rosen on the sale of assault weapon parts.

February 2004--The Movies: Monsters and Beauties, by Jonathan Wallace; Tommy Ates on Leakgate; Homeland Insecurity, by Steve Hass; Some Dare Call It Treason, by Liz Michael; Sy Schechtman reviews Charles Murray; Why Must Governments Tax Us? by Thom Riddle; Talking to Ourselves, by Richard Thieme; Dom Stasi on the president's plans for Mars.

March 2004--The Disturbed Democrats, by Jonathan Wallace; Dead Man Eating, by Sean Carter; John Spragge on borders and freedom; Dom Stasi wonders why no-one in the National Guard remembers the president; Evan maloney on the UN and Saddam; Janine Peterson on the assault weapons ban; Matt Gaylor reviews State of Disobedience; Paternalism and the New GOP, by Scott Prosterman.

April 2004--The Disappeared, by Jonathan Wallace; No French Fries, No Peace, by Sean Carter; A Global War on Terror? by Norm Swazo; The Sword of Damocles, by Dom Stasi; Why is George W. Wrecking the Public Treasury? by Thom Riddle; Homosexuality, Adultery, Divorce and Amending the U.S. Constitution, by Fred Fariss; The Passion and the Pogrom, by Sy Schechtman; Government Without Taxes, by P.M. Lawrence.

May 2004--The Buck Stops Where? by Jonathan Wallace; Quantum Democrats, by Evan Maloney; Don Giovanni, by Sy Schechtman; My Country Right and Wrong, by Dom Stasi; Mr. and Mrs. America, Get Back in Line, by Michael Bowen, MD; None Dare Call it Propaganda, by Ben Price.

June 2004--Abu Ghraib, by Jonathan Wallace; Nick Berg and Abu Ghraib, by Evan Maloney; Augie March, the Last Great American Novel, by Sy Schechtman; Owning Iraq, by Dr. Christina Johns; Palestinian Refugees and the Sudetenland Germans, by Victor Kattan; Judicial Impeachment, by Wade Hobbs; Free Kobe! by Sean Carter; Impeach the SOB, by Danny Welch.

July 2004--Torture, by Jonathan Wallace; The Children of Reagan, by Evan Maloney; Confessions of a Reagan Democrat, by Sy Schechtman; Reagan Remembered, by Ben Price; John Spragge on borders and freedom; The Internet: No Savior of Democracy, by Peter Bearse.

August 2004--The Empty Suitor, by Jonathan Wallace; Kerry's Convention Dilemma, by Evan Maloney; Empty Platform, Empty Town, by Daniel Patrick Welch; Holding President Bush to the Rule of Law, by Charles Tripp; About the War, by John Spragge; Sandy Berger's Little Mistake, by Bob Wilson; Stephen Speilberg's Terminal, and Mine, by John Spragge; Alone and Unknown, by Dom Stasi.

September 2004--Our Karma Just Ran Over Your Dogma, by Jonathan Wallace; Seth Finkelstein on bloggers; Sy Schechtman on love and marriage; Combatting International Terrorism, by Thomas Stipe; The Internet as a divisive force, by Peter Bearse and David King; Take This Jeb, and Shove It, by Dom Stasi; Suffrage for Sale, by Sean Carter; Mark Antony Rossi on electronic voting.

October 2004--Why I'm Voting for John Kerry, by Jonathan Wallace; Leon Felkins on the Republican platform; Sy Schectman on the decline of the Jewish population; Babysitter in a Bottle, by Mark Antony Rossi.

November 2004--Civilian Casualties, by Jonathan Wallace; September 10 vs. September 12, by Evan Maloney; Peter Bearse on the new conservative agenda; Helen Fernand on homophobia.

December 2004--Jonathan Wallace on the election; The Snivel War, by Bob Wilson; A Fiscal Conservative's Interview with President Bush, by Alex Dashevsky; Balkanize the USA, by Thom Riddle; A Confederacy of Dunces, by Dom Stasi.

January 2005--Tenth annoversary issue. Staffing the War, by Jonathan Wallace; Our Conservative Nation, by Sy Schechtman; An Election Pot-Mortem, and Reading and Democracy, by Peter Bearse; Bruce Clark on whether the Democrats will jig to the right or left; Not Clean, Not Fair, by Scott Prosterman; Michael Spencer on school vouchers; What President Bush Could Be Thinking About Iraq, by George Thomas Clark; The Battle Not to Rage or Despair, by Richard Thieme; Moral Victory, by Dom Stasi.

February 2005--Choosing to Vote in Iraq, by Jonathan Wallace; Divided We Fall, by Dom Stasi; Christine Smith on needless tsunami deaths; George Thomas Clark spends New year's Eve with "The Disciples"; Mark Anthony Rossi's Machine Therapy; H. Scott Prosterman on "President Newt".

March 2005--Sharks and Nets; Feeding Social Security to the Predators, by Jonathan Wallace; The Bigger They Are, by Dom Stasi; George Thomas Clark on Hunter Thompson; Tom Ragazzi on honesty in government; Sean Carter on juries; Peter Bearse on the Iraqi elections; Greg Somerville on outsourcing; Mark Antony Rossi's Machine Therapy; John Spragge on the Canadian response to U.S. missile defense plans; Robert Shattuck on business ethics.

April 2005--Terri Schiavo; An appeal to the US army not to send a child to Iraq; the Cosmic Bus Ride, by Jason kamalie; Mark Antony Rossi's Machine Therapy; Two perspectives, Two Americas, by Gary Simon; Our Burdensome Cornucopia, by Sy Schechtman.

May 2005--Our Broken Health Insurance System; Twilight of the Music of the Gods, by Sy Schechtman; Evan Maloney on the Campus Political Establishment; Mark Antony Rossi's Machine Therapy; Rick Lax, the FCC Won't Let Me Be; A Parkinson's Diary, by Stephen Schiff; Sixty Years After Hitler, by George Thomas Clark; Politics and Humanity, by H. Scott Prosterman.

June 2005--The Filibuster; The Litigation Instinct, by Sean Carter; John Spragge's Crossing the Medicine Line; Is Tom Delay Good for the Jews? by H. Scott Prosterman; Directions in Social Evolution, by Greg Somerville.

July 2005--Close Guantanamo; Cruel and Very Unusual Punishments, by Sean Carter; Land of Confusion, by Dom Stasi; Thomas Ragazzi on the rationale for the Iraq war.

August 2005--Incompetence; Over There, by Dom Stasi; Christine Smith on President Bush's June 28 Speech; Bill Hartley on Hezbollah; H. Scott Prosterman on medical marijuana; Peter Bearse on the federal election commission.

September 2005--Homosexuality and choice; The origin of specious, by Dom Stasi; Justice and Democracy, by Eric Chaet; Teresa Chambers, on being a whistleblower; Tina Valle on Augusta National's ban on women; Daniel Patrick Welch on Africa; Sy Schechtman on peace in the Middle East.

October 2005--Katrina and Words; Lies of omission, by Dom Stasi; Christine Smith on patriotism and on Gore Vidal; Norm Swazo on star chamber laws; Bill Hartley on Gaza; Only in America, by Daniel Patrick Welch; Sy Schectman on intelligent design and evolution.

November 2005--Night Thoughts on Globalization; Sy Schechtman on Philip Roth; John Spragge on Rachel Corrie; Earl Foust, Why Johnny Can't Teach; George Thomas Clark on Dick Cheney.

December 2005--Fat Boys and Buff Toys; Sy Schechtman revisits Einstein; Greg Somerville on Turkey as the solution to Iraq; Ben G. Price on the battle against national chain stores; Tommy Ates on katrina; Thom Riddle and the "Bush is a problem" bandwagon.

January 2006--Death in "Munich"; Sty Schechtman on Jewish guilt; Christine Smith interviews Gore Vidal; Border Security Requires Understanding, by Tommy Ates.

February 2006--Yank the Leash on the Bush Administration; Justin Soutar gives a Catholic perspective on the fight against terrorism; Wannsee, by Bill Hartley; Sedition, Subversion, Sabotage; by William Hathaway.

March 2006--Bullies and Secrets; Justin Soutar continues his analysis of a Catholic perspective on the anti-terrorism effort; The Torture-Endangered Society, by Richard Thieme; A Faded Funeral Map: A Memory of May 1970, by Elliot Newcomb; Bush's Port Deal, by Meg Bannerji.

April 2006--Where's the Dissent?; Sy Schechtman on how to be a superpower again; Iraq Redux, by Dom Stasi; War Programming II, by H. Scott Prosterman.

May 2006--Results v. Spin; Sports and the American Psyche, by Sy Schechtman; An Interview With Former CIA Analyst David McMichael, by Richard Thieme.

June 2006--How Mourning Becomes Kitsch; On Crossing the Hudson River, by Sy Schechtman; Forty things Christine Smith would do to fix America; Americans' Unforgivable Attitudes on Immigration, by Daniel Welch.

July 2006--Guantanamo is an Embarassment; Sy Schechtman on gay marriage; Science and US Competitiveness, by Peter Bearse; A Non-defense of Dick Cheney, by Bruce Clark.

August 2006--Proportionality and Responsibility; Sy Schechtman on Philip Roth; Justin Soutar on Arabs and Israel; Lindsey Eck on Matisyahu.

September 2006--Why Israel Can't make Peace; Man's Inhumanity to Man, by Sy Schechtman; Exporting Democracy Demands Nurturing It At Home, by Peter Bearse; Tripping on Reality in the Land of Make-Believe, by Dom Stasi.

October 2006--Art and Packaging; Justin Soutar on America and China; The Global Meaning of 9/11, by Peter Bearse; Are We Really More Secure Under the Republicans? by Clive Pellings.

November 2006--Stupid Smart Men; Thom Riddle on the failure of the two party system; A Liberal's Critique of Gay Marriage, by Sam Gridley; A Liberal's Critique of Gay Marriage, by Sam Gridley.

December 2006--Winning and Governing; Still an Immigration Nation, by Sy Schechtman; Christine Smith on Gore Vidal's memoir; We Need Ike, by H. Scott Prosterman.

January 2007--Night Thoughts About Iraq; The Eternal Happiness Search by Sy Schechtman; Gerald Ford: A Tribute by H. Scott Prosterman; Violence to Animals by Dona Magrina.

February 2007-- A Woman President; Excelsior! The Super Bowl Again by Sy Schechtman; So? We Promised You San Francisco Values by H. Scott Prosterman; In Reality to a Friend by Dona Magrina; Murmurs of Democracy at Independence Hall by Nathaniel Popkin; Everything Old is New Again by Daniel Patrick Welch.

March 2007-- A Disturbing Movie; Being a Dentist by Sy Schechtman; No One Here Gets Out Alive by Daniel Patrick Welch.

April 2007-- Ripples From Walden Pond; To Believe or not to Believe by Sy Schechtman; Famous People by H. Scott Prosterman; Global Warming and Climate Change by Peter Bearse.

May 2007--Virginia Tech; Baseball's Five O'clock Shadow by Sy Schechtman; Rabbi James A. Wax & Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. by H. Scott Prosterman; Declare Victory and Bring Them Home by Peter Bearse; The Second Amendment Ten Years Later by Bruce Clark; Dinesh D'Souza is a Moron by Lizard.

June 2007-- Giuliani is Dangerous; Democrats--A Disloyal Majority by Peter Bearse; Virginia Tech and American Society by R.J. Hansen; The Lying of US by Kim Rush; Iraq: What Next? by Justin Soutar; Is Tolerance a Virtue? by Dr. Yoav J. Tenembaum.

July 2007-- Trusting the Government; “Polis is This: The Persistence of Place” by Peter Bearse; The Tumescent Adolescent by Sy Schechtman; The Yellow Fog of the Burning Bush by Kim Rush.

August 2007-- Health Care and Human Kindness; The Schechtmans and the Sopranos by Sy Schechtman; Stark Naked Man by Kim Rush; Ethical Problems are Epistemological Problems Moralized by Cyril Olatunji; Live Earth is Not the Way by Joost van Steenis; A Review of "Mind Wars" by Jonathan D. Moreno by Richard Thieme.

September 2007-- Persecution; Nature/Technology Chrysalis by Kim Rush,

October 2007-- Why I Hate Prosecutors; Pop Goes The...? by Kim Rush; "The First to Go" by Nabil Shahan A Review by Jez Strickley; The Difficult Question of Islam in the West by Bruce Clark; A Response to General Petraeus' Report By Jamie Esquire; More Hubris by Thomas Vincent.

November 2007-- The Ethics of Documentaries; Islam vs. Radical Secularism : Which is the Greater Enemy? by Justin Soutar; My Pants Don't Fit by Bruce A. Clark; The Untimely Demise of the Presidency: by Russ Hansen; Mystifying by Thomas Vincent; Macromicros and American Jack: by Kim Rush.

December 2007-- Race and Intelligence; Invaded by Visigoths by Bruce Clark; Depending on Digital by Jez Strickley; China: Good or Bad for the US? by Sy Schechtman; Why I Don't Watch Pro Football Any More By Tom Vincent; Populism in the Republican Party by Thomas Ragazzi.

January 2008-- Progress; The Descularization of Man by Sy Schechtman; On the Jury by Bruce A. Clark; Mortal Humanity by Kim Rush; Depleted Uranium: The gift That Keeps on Killing by Thomas Vincent.

February 2008-- Fun With Elections; The Frosting Window/Mirror of Literature by Kim Rush; Hope--People's Best Opiate by Sy Schechtman; Mazzocchi's "The Man Who hated Work and Loved Labor" A book review by Bruce Clark; The Functional Basis of Ethics By Elbert Russell.

March 2008-- Welcome to MurderWorld; Libertarianism--WYDSIWYG (What You don't See is What You Get) by Bruce Clark; Spinoza, God and Einstein by Sy Schechtman; A Responsible Construct by Kim Rush.

April 2008-- Ego, Politics and Spin; Buy Me Growth? by Kim Rush; The Return of the Nuclear Ghost by Sy Schechtman; The Ethics of Terrorism by Bruce A. Clark; Modern Tests By Thomas Vincent.

May 2008-- What Easter Island Means to Me; Bread and Circuses Redux by Sy Schechtman; Everything You Know is Wrong by Thomas Vincent; Franks and Earmarks: Porker Hallmarks by Peter Bearse.

June 2008-- Reinstate the Draft; An Empire of Our Own No More? by Sy Schechtman; Tune Up Your Ideology by Bruce A. Clark; Tax Reform? by Peter Bearse.

July 2008-- Imaginary Emergencies; Conservatism in Remission by Sy Schechtman; One Less Lie by Bruce A. Clark; On George Orwell's Birthday by Walter Lee; All Hail the Miser in Chief by Thomas Vincent; Rags and Bones by Jonathan Wallace; The US Constitution is not just for Americans by Christine Smith; Thomas Merton by Christine Smith.

August 2008-- Dick Cheney's Morality; Ideas and Their Tenuous Consequences by Sy Schechtman; Why Learn About the USSR? by Bruce A. Clark; Pieces of George Carlin by H. Scott Prosterman; Dangerous Words by Thomas Vincent; Rags and Bones by Jonathan Wallace; Who I'm Voting For in November by Christine Smith; Sharing the Wealth by Peter Bearse.

September 2008-- People are the Currency We Pay for War; Our Not Too Certain Future by Sy Schechtman; Where is "None of the Above" Now That We Really Need Him? by Bruce A. Clark; Pretty Women Selling GOP Carnage by H. Scott Prosterman; The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder
a book review by Thomas Vincent; Rags and Bones by Jonathan Wallace; Anti-immigrant Hatred by Christine Smith; Elisa Abatsis' "Daguerrotypes": An Appreciation A theatre essay by Jonathan Wallace.

October 2008--President Palin; Sy Schechtman on Israel; H. Scott Prosterman asks for your vote; Colleges and Universities: Institutionalized Unethical Behavior, by James Satterfield et al; Thomas Vincent reviews "The Way of the World" by Ron Suskind; Rags and Bones, by Jonathan Wallace.

November 2008--Religion and Politics; How to review a Play, by Jonathan Wallace; Thomas Vincent reviews Lakoff's "The Political Mind"; Voter Intimidation in Odd Places, by Daniel Patrick Welch; Compelled to Vote, by Christine Smith; Rags and Bones.

December 2008--President Obama; Philip Roth's Latest, by Sy Schechtman; Thomas Vincent on the trouble with metaphors; The Bodies Exhibit, by Laurie Caro; Why We cried, by H. Scott Prosterman; Rags and Bones.

January 2009--Securitization and Responsibility; The Immorality of Political Morality, by Sy Schechtman; Thomas Vincent reviews "Taking on the System"; Richard Thieme, The Betrayal of the Commons; H. Scott Prosterman on new Americans; Peter Bearse, A New Approach to Campaign Finance; Richard Thieme on Security and Ethics; Rags and Bones.

February 2009--Self determination, by Jonathan Wallace; Sy Schechtman on Israel; Tom Vincent on Obama's principles; Rags and Bones.

March 2009--What the Sybil Knew, by Jonathan Wallace; Sy Schechtman on the bail-out; Tom Vincent on robot warfare; Small is Beautiful, by Peter Bearse; Let's Get Serious, by Richard Thieme; Rags and Bones.

April 2009--The Failure of Free Markets, by Jonathan Wallace; Ancient Myths and Jewish Mishagas, by Sy Schechtman; "Wired for War", a review by Tom Vincent; Ed Gungor on stem cells; Rags and Bones; Colchicine, a new column of novel and movie reviews by Jonathan Wallace.

May 2009--No Torture. Ever, by Jonathan Wallace; Peter Bearse on gay marriage; Sy Schechtman on Jewish assimilation; Rags and Bones; Colchicine.

June 2009--Alice's Woods, by Jonathan Wallace; Sy Schechtman on marriage; Peter Bearse on carbon reduction policy; Thomas Vincent on Barack Obama's ideals; Rags and Bones; Colchicine.

July 2009--Innocence, by Jonathan Wallace; Woody Allen, by Sy Schechtman; Tom Vincent on Predator strikes; Peter Bearse reviews "Polis is This"; Colchicine; Rags and Bones.

August 2009--Knowledge and its Discontents, by Jonathan Wallace; Sy Schechtman on health care; Peter Bearse on the new GOP and on the moon landing; Toni Seger on an act of kindness; Rags and Bones; Colchicine.

September 2009--Right and Wrong, by Jonathan Wallace; Sy Schechtman on Muslim immigration; Thomas Vincent on Obama's record so far; Peter Bearse on abortion; Toni Seger on gun control; Darron Chapman on Jonathan Wallace's inconsistency; Day Old Hate, by Rachel Price; Megan Argo takes a libertarian look at health care; Rags and Bones; Colchicine.

October 2009--Language, Lies and Power, by Jonathan Wallace; Sy Schechtman on the idea of God; The Recession is Over! by Daniel Patrick Welch; Toni Seger on gay marriage; Thomas Vincent on some proposed globval inalienable rights; Rags and Bones; Colchicine.

November 2009--Craigslist: the failure of an Internet community, by Jonathan Wallace; Sy Schechtman on staying Jewish; H. Scott Prosterman on football uniforms; Toni Seger on our ugly, bullying society; Ethics and the War on Terror, by Thomas Vincent; Advice to Obama, by Peter Bearse; Colchicine; Rags and Bones.

December 2009--The Idea of Free Speech, by Jonathan Wallace; Considerations on Our World and Future, by Kris Oud; Norman Swazo on athletes who are between male and female; a review of Michael Sandel's new book by Thomas Vincent; Peter Bearse on global warming; Colchicine; Rags and Bones.

January 2010--Ambition, by Jonathan Wallace; Thom Riddle on profiling; Peter Bearse on our broken legislative process; Thomas Vincent on the Obama Doctrine; Sy Schechtman on Genesis; Toni Seger revisits the 2000 election; Colchicine and Rags and Bones.

February 2010--What's going wrong; Remembering Who We Are, by Richard Thieme; Toni Seger on the death penalty; Peter Bearse on national security and campaign finance; Scott Prosterman on a Zionist blacklist; Sy Schechtman on Genesis; Daniel Patrick Welch on the Mass. senatorial election; Wallace's Colchicine reviews column and Rags and Bones.

March 2010--Democracy is failing; Haiti, politics, and rock and roll, by David Marx; Bruce Clark on the military and governance; Scott Prosterman on protesting the right people; part 3 of Sy Schechtman on Genesis; Daniel Patrick Welch on the real estate emergency; Thomas Vincent on the naming of military operations; Wallace's Colchicine and Rags and Bones columns.

April 2010--Health care reform and rights language; Harry Kapsales on health care; Bruce A. Clark on executive paychecks; Judaism in decline, by Sy Schechtman; All time favorite television episodes, humor by Jonathan Wallace; Peter Bearse on unemployment; Thomas Vincent on the immorality of drone warfare; Wallace's reviews and politics columns.

May 2010--Night thoughts about theater; Toni Seger on nuclear power; Thomas Vincent on drone warfare and the rule of law; Peter Bearse on regulating Wall Street; Wallace's reviews and politics columns.

June 2010--Night thoughts about technology; Toni Seger on Enron; Joanne Eddington reviews a book on conscientous objectors; Bruce Clark on immigration; Thomas Vincent on the competence of New Yorkers; Sy Schechtman on heaven and hell; Wallace's columns.

July 2010--The anatomy of incompetence; Sy Schechtman on alpha women; Thomas Vincent reviews Sebastian Junger; Wallace's Rags and Bones column (no "Colchicine" this month).

August 2010--Peace, quiet and Al Qaeda; Sy Schechtman on Rush Limbaugh; Bruce Clark on special interests; Toni Seger on the Tea Party; Thomas Vincent on the war in Afghanistan; Wallace's "Rags and Bones" (no "Colchicine").

September 2010--Gratitude; "Are We Going Broke?", by Toni Seger; Thomas Vincent on Wikileaks; Scott Prosterman on athletes participating in right wing spectacles; Wallace's two columns.

October 2010--The decay of the American narrative; "Radical Peace", by William Hathaway; A letter from a death penalty defense lawyer; "GOP: Dinosaur or Change Engine?", by Peter Bearse; Rags and Bones, and Colchicine columns by Wallace.

November 2010--Books that wrote me; "Escaping the Military", by William Hathaway; Toni Seger, on American pride and product warranties; "Dismantling the Empire", a book review by Thomas Vincent; Wallace's "Colchicine" and "rags and Bones".