Vol. VII, No. 8 August 2001

Rogue State, Part I:

Our Friend the Kill Vehicle

by Jonathan Wallace

Why do we need the National Missile Defense now, when we didn't to protect us against seven thousand Soviet missiles?

I would love this book even if my brother Joe hadn't written it.... Its a funny and nuanced children's story about a kid who believes he's too big and noisy, and a revelation that comes when he visits Africa with his parents.

The True Face of the Israeli Occupation
by Adam Keller & Beate Zilversmidt

Rather then stop those who rob land in broad daylight, the army and police move to provide them full protection.

The DMCA and Dmitri Skylarov: A Letter to Senator Kennedy
by Seth Finkelstein

The public should be able to exercise its traditional fair-use rights in copyright without fear of imprisonment.

Steven Spielberg Wants to be a Real Boy
by Jonathan Wallace

If Mr. Spielberg wants to be a real boy, my advice to him is: start by making a real movie.

Revolution in Business as a Basis for Political Reform
by Peter Bearse

If our political system does not adopt or adapt much of what we have seen heralded by the business press, then the political system may fail.

by Jonathan Wallace

The birdless lake, the world of ice, the barren heath....

Stem Cell Research?
by Fred Fariss

What about the embryos that didn't take? If those embryos were used in research to discover the cure for deadly diseases, would it not give them the same importance?

Adding Insult to Injury: The Bush Legacy
by Ben G. Price

Where Bill Clinton could not patch together a "legacy" after eight years of lost opportunity, George W. Bush has staked out a territory of historical remembrance of his having passed this way with the ease of a fart allowed an unhindered path into the wider world.

China and the Olympics
by Jonathan Wallace

If China's democrats, the people we should really care about, were suicidal enough to come out again in Tienamen Square during the Olympics, China would kill as many of them as before, without a second thought.

Justifying the Justifiable: An Argument for Legitimate Revolt
by Mike McGlothlin

Violence in the name of freedom has both plagued and liberated mankind throughout history and continues to do so.

Sex, Lies and Accomplices
by Toshi Tomitani

By not confronting the implications of Andrew Sullivan's sexual politics, his liberal defenders become his accomplices, perpetuating hypocrisy and undermining the idea of moral accountability.

Giant Leaps by Small Steps
by David E Romm

Unbound enthusiasm tempered with plodding methodology: Don't leave Earth without it.

Immigration: Problems, Perils, Profits
by Sy Schechtman

Undoubtedly immigration has been a strong plus in the development of this nation. But some surcease is needed to allow for proper absorption of the current annual inflow, about one million strong.

John Spragge's Crossing the Medicine Line :
A Leader Among Nations

The belief by some Americans that the world depends on them does the United States no good.

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