Vol. IX, No. 11, November 2003


by Jonathan Wallace

The New York Times has championed the idea that we all have a moral obligation to drive small, fragile vehicles.

Do Not Call is Bad for All
by Sean Carter

The Do Not Call list may ultimately sink this country into a depression as deep as Rosie O'Donnell's belly button.

Iraq: A Work in Progress
by Bob Wilson

Liberals are green with frustration and disappointment that America succeeded.

How Psychology Majors Corrupted America's Youth
by Alex Dashevsky

High mindedness mixed with boredom is a dangerous combination.

Direct Deposit
by Dom Stasi

GWB The Businessman seems blissfully unaware of the business world's axiom that income must at some point equal and perhaps even exceed expense.

Perceptions, Deceptions, Misperceptions
by Sy Schechtman

The Iraqi WMD enigma, is as great a now-you-see-it now-you-don't piece of psychic legerdemain as history has ever devised.

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