Vol. III, No. 11 November 1997

A badge of honor

[T]he filtering vendors I talk to think that you are playing games with them, putting lurid articles like this full of foul language and reference to sex and drugs, then claiming that "your site is blocked when it is about the free discussion of ideas".

David Burt David_Burt@filteringfacts.org

My Response: The Mind of a Censor

Human Creative Work

by Jonathan Wallace

The Usual Suspects

Scott Bonds Copyrights His DNA

Kimball Jensen on Generation X, Families and Faith

Racial Conflict and Diversity, by Michael B. Sullivan

Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream:
The Power of Projection, the Power of Digital Presence

Bob Wilson Claims Women Can't Jump: Why the WNBA isn't fun

Danny Yee Reviews Microcosmos, by Margulis and Sagan

Letters To The Ethical Spectacle

The Death of a Princess

Mother Teresa and Princess Di, by Auren Hoffman

Jon Lebkowsky's Cyberdawg Barking:
Chasing Shadows

The Semiotic Princess by Jonathan Wallace

The Irrepressible Internet

Phil Agre on The Internet and Education

The Java Lobby Calls For A Stand Against Microsoft

Martin Siegel's NetToon: Why The Web Deserves Your Love

Parental Supervision and the Net by Wes Morgan

Spooks on the Net by Keith Parkins

The Crypto Boondoggle by Jonathan Wallace

Net Freedoms

CyberPatrol: The Friendly Censor; The X-Stop Files; The Supreme Court holds the CDA unconsitutional; Why Libraries Shouldn't Buy Censorware; The Censorware Page


by Jonathan Wallace and Mark Mangan

"Required reading for anyone interested in free speech in modern society."
New York Times Book Review

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Mumia Abu-Jamal, On Death Row After an Unfair Trial

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