Vol. X, No. 1, January 2004

Trusting the Government

by Jonathan Wallace

Distrust of government is a cornerstone of democracy.

The FBI Is Watching You
by Tommy Ates

FBI surveillance of domestic protestors indicates the Bush administration's political desperation.

Gallup-ing Along with Bush
by Steve

60% of Americans now think that the war in Iraq was a good idea - and the main reason given was Bush's 2-hour layover in Baghdad on Thanksgiving!

Mickey Mouse-ing the Vote
by Daniel P. Welch

Media bleating about having to cover candidates that aren't "serious" is the opposite of the truth.

The Party of Big Business
by Evan Maloney

One might assume that, if imposing the tariff was bad, then eliminating the tariff must be good, right?

Is Selling Assault Weapons Parts Ethical?
by Jarrod Rosen

Gun parts can be sold to felons who can then assemble the guns themselves.

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I know that anything good for America is bad news for you.

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