Vol. IX, No. 2, February 2003

Vanity and War

by Jonathan Wallace

Inexperience only becomes extremely dangerous when coupled with vanity and a complete lack of understanding of one's own defaults.

Wayne Grytting's American Newspeak: Word Collisions

"Broad evidence" of Iraqs non-cooperation includes the following highlights. 1. Seventy-three nail files unaccounted for. 2. Eighty-nine missing footnotes in the 12,000 page declaration 3. Twelve engineers observed eating excessive amounts of garlic before interviews.

Give Peace a Chance to Do What, Exactly?
by Evan Maloney

Many of our allies want one more meaningless round of talks to get one more meaningless agreement with Iraq.

The Violent Teacher
by Eliot Brenner

Violence brings about deterioration in the character of democracy: the Athenian example.

Just War?
By Norman K. Swazo

National security is first and foremost a question of moral security.

Michael Sims, Domain Hijacking and Moral Equivalency
by Jonathan Wallace

How would you feel if your webmaster maliciously took your web-site offline, then, when you demanded its return, put up a site attacking your company at your old URL?

Protect the Constitution
By Alex Dashevsky

If the Constitution is to survive another two hundred years, it will need more vigilance than it has been getting from the media and the citizenry after September 11th.

A Speech About Dr. King
by Ben G. Price

The opposite of our society's sublimated cannibalism is the re-humanization of humanity advocated by Martin Luther King.

Letters To The Ethical Spectacle

You sir are perhaps the biggest narcissist on the Internet.

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"Noticing that no-one held the values I defended, I decided to make a spectacle of myself." --Richard Foreman

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