Vol. IX, No. 6, June 2003

After two thousand years of mass, we've got as far as poison gas. --Thomas Hardy

The Aftermath

by Jonathan Wallace

The contrast between our cleverness in conducting the war and our cluelessness about the aftermath is fascinating.

Celebrity Chefs
by Evan Maloney

Next time you're dining in a fine restaurant, imagine how you'd feel if the chef interrupted your meal to call you a racist, blood-thirsty, imperialist war-monger.

Exposed Foxes
by Farhad Mafie

Supporting the myth of an Iranian reformist government only prolongs the existence of an oppressive system in Iran.

TV Not Interested in Cluster Bombs
by Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

In-depth investigative reporting about the war's likely health and environmental consequences has been scarce.

Pleasure: The Essence of Man
by Adam Budde

Every choice we make as humans, whether conscious or not, is made with our own pleasure in mind.

Not Guilty by Reason of the Matrix?
by Sean Carter

Incredibly, criminal defendants are claiming that they are caught up in the Matrix and jurors are buying it.

Neoconservatives in Power
By Francesco Femia

Bush is behaving not unlike that silly little Corsican we've all read stories about.

Oh, God! Bush II!
by Dom Stasi

Jefferson’s land of the free would today appear to him a nightmare utopia.

Letters To The Ethical Spectacle

Amazing how ignorant you truly are.

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"Noticing that no-one held the values I defended, I decided to make a spectacle of myself." --Richard Foreman

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