Vol. X, No. 6, June 2004

Abu Ghraib

by Jonathan Wallace

The president speaks repeatedly of ending the rape and torture rooms in Iraq.... and then Abu Ghraib emerges like some horned pre-Columbian god rearing its head from the sea.

Spectacle contributor Annette Swierzbinski is the founder of Others Are Us, an organization dedicated to promoting communication and understanding via artwork among Arab and American children. This month, a show of the children's art may be seen at the Art Institute of New York at 11 Beach Street in Manhattan. For more information, see the organization's web site at http://www.othersareus.org.
Peter Bearse, a frequent contributor to the Spectacle, has published a book on needs and ways for Americans to take back their politics from the political and media class that has taken it over. Entitled WE, THE PEOPLE, the book of 10 chapters and 400 pages includes a comprehensive guide to Internet political sites. It will be released to bookstores in 2 months. For more information or to order advance copies at a discount, drop a line to Peter at democracyanddevelopment@msn.com or see his new website-in-progress, designed to inspire increased political participation, at: www.politicalcommunity.us.

Nick Berg and Abu Ghraib
by Evan Maloney

The media that had showed us the ugly reality of Abu Ghraib prison refused to do the same with Berg's murder.

Augie March: The Last Great American Novel
by Sy Schechtman

The American character has always been to aspire, to fail, perhaps, but to get up and keep trying.

Owning Iraq
by Dr. Christina J. Johns

We now own Iraq and the war in all its ugliness.

Palestinian refugees and the Sudetenland Germans
by Victor Kattan

The Sudetenland Germans and the Palestinian refugees have both failed in all attempts to receive compensation.

Judicial Impeachment
by Wade Hobbs

Let's impeach a Supreme Court justice if the court renders a decision against Jose Padilla.

Free Kobe!
by Sean Carter

Kobe Bryant is innocent! I say that as a Lakers season ticket holder.

Impeach the SOB
by Danny Welch

The President is a war criminal.

Letters To The Ethical Spectacle

What you have seen as an unbearable horror, and a reason to cease belief, God sees merely as another pain to be overcome with faith and belief.


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"Noticing that no-one held the values I defended, I decided to make a spectacle of myself."
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