Vol. XVI, No. 4, April 2010

Health Care Reform and Rights Language

by Jonathan Wallace

How would you feel about a pile of dying people on the sidewalk outside the ER?

Health Care for the Stubborn and Irresponsible
by Harry Kapsales

Society is ethically bound to provide good healthcare to all members.

Why We Should Be Angry At The American Car Industry
by Toni Seger

Ford used to make a car which got 50 miles to the gallon.

reviews by Jonathan Wallace

Dickens, samurai, anime.

Put Up Your Dukes
by Bruce A. Clark

The big shots are still taking home the big pay checks.

All Time Favorite Television Episodes
by Jonathan Wallace

The "Star Trek: TNG" episode where they found something surprising in the transporter buffer.

Judaism in Decline
by Sy Schechtman

Toynbee called us a "fossil" religion.

Unemployment Benefits?
by Peter Bearse

Unemployment becomes welfare.

More, More Drone War
by Thomas Vincent

Lately we took out a veterinary hospital.

Rags and Bones
a monthly column by Jonathan Wallace

Virginia as NYC's gun source; New York corruption; Obama passes a bill at last.

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