Vol. VI, No. 4 April 2000

Natural Rights Don't Exist

by Jonathan Wallace

The Usual Suspects

Mayor Giuliani and Unarmed Black Men, by Jonathan Wallace

Send Elian Gonzales Home, by Jules Dervaes

Bruce Lightner: A Letter on Guns

Muggles for Harry Potter

Free Speech and Soft Money, by Jonathan Wallace

Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream: Beyond Belief

Letters to The Ethical Spectacle

Jonathan Wallace's Hyperfiction

Censor in a box

Why Libraries Shouldn't Buy Censorware

The Censorware Page

Please also check out the website of The Censorware Project

Mumia Abu-Jamal, On Death Row After an Unfair Trial

Permanent Exhibits:

An Auschwitz Alphabet; A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King; The Free Speech Museum; Snipe's Portfolio

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