Vol. VII, No. 9 September 2001

Year zero

A Hard Rain: Thoughts After Witnessing the World Trade Center Attack

What War Will Mean

No Breast-beating

by Jonathan Wallace

The Treaty Ripper

by Jonathan Wallace

One powerful nation has decided to buck the trend, to hold itself out of all of these treaties and in fact to work for their defeat, on the theory that its own selfish will should be supreme. That country is the United States of America.

I would love this book even if my brother Joe hadn't written it.... Its a funny and nuanced children's story about a kid who believes he's too big and noisy, and a revelation that comes when he visits Africa with his parents.

Demonstrating at Orient House
by Gush Shalom

In these tense, violent and dangerous times, it was a moment of hope: 300 demonstrators, Israelis and Palestinians, standing together in protest of the occupation of Orient House and the other Palestinian institutions in and around Jerusalem.

A Letter to the U.N. Racism Conference
by Mumia Abu-Jamal

The U.S. was the best friend the apartheid regime ever had. It has never met a dictator it didn't like. Is there any wonder now that it wants to demand that be no discussion of slave reparations in Durban?

Struggling Over Gun Control
by Adelaide Eldridge

Holding the gun off to the side, I squeezed my eyes shut as hard as I could, cocked the trigger back the rest of the way and fired into the back woods. I was twelve.

Globalization: Best of All Worlds, or Only Game in Town?
by P.M. Lawrence

The alternative to multiculturalism is not narrowness but synthesis, a true diversity not self-abnegation.

The Tiniest President
by Jonathan Wallace

We only know the president is actually in there because he doesn't rattle when shaken.

The Pragmatic Libertarian
The Microsoft Conundrum
by Evan Maloney

I support the government's case against Microsoft not because I am a lapsed Libertarian, but because I am resigned to the fact that the government may be the only entity capable of checking Microsoft's power.

Reparations for Slavery
by Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney

The United States should apologize for its participation in the slave trade and the long history of racism against black people that that participation fostered and supported.

American Newspeak: Philip Morris Sees the Light
by Wayne Grytting

"Replacing those who die early... leads to savings in social benefits paid to the unemployed and in costs of re-training."

Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream: What's His Name?

Every breakthrough idea is always the result of thousand of minds adding their little bit to the process until one day the critical mass of converging possibilities is focussed through a "genius" who stumbles into a solution.

What the Genoa Pictures Didn't Show
by Jim Warren

Presumably the officer in picture 17 is NOT kicking Giuliani in the head, no matter what it looks like.

Bess Won't Go There--Profile of a Censorware Company

Part I N2H2's financial situation
Part II N2H2's weak AI

by Jonathan Wallace

N2H2 has only $6.2 million in cash left from its 1999 initial public offering, and spent $3.9 million to pay expenses in third quarter. This would seem to imply that N2H2 has less than six months of cash to burn before insolvency, unless it finds new capital sources or becomes profitable first.

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