Vol. X, No. 2, February 2004

The Movies

Monsters and Beauties

by Jonathan Wallace

There is a perverse Hollywood tradition, that the ugly must be played by the beautiful.

Leakgate Has Legs
by Tommy Ates

This isn't just a game of "gotcha" politics.

Homeland Insecurity
by Steve Hass

I was feeling secure enough already, thank you very much.

Some Dare Call It Treason
by Liz Michael

The Bush-McCain plan is the ultimate union-busting, racial oppression tactic.

The Best and the Brightest--- Human Accomplishment in the Arts and Sciences by Charles Murray
by Sy Schechtman

A sense of purpose animates western culture: the belief that human creativity transcends the human body.

Why Must Governments Tax Us?
by Thom Riddle

Taxes are an aberration caused by lack of desire, understanding, and discipline.

Talking to Ourselves
by Richard Thieme

Whenever I mentor another, I am really healing my younger self.

by Dom Stasi

Could it be that God, impressed by George Bush's improvements to our little blue planet, decided to turn him loose on God's little red planet as well?

Letters To The Ethical Spectacle

Quite simply YOU SUCK you rotten commie prick. I hope you rot and go to hell.

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