Vol. VII, No. 4 April 2001

Edith Wharton's House of Mirth

by Jonathan Wallace

Wharton makes the usual suspects--Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Faulkner, Wolfe--look like boys in kneepants.

Thoughts on Winning an EFF Pioneer Award by Seth Finkelstein

There's a famous phrase "The Net interprets censorship as damage, and routes around it." And when I've heard it, I've thought in reply, But what if censorship is in the router?

John Spragge's Crossing the Medicine LIne: Faithful Unto Bankruptcy

Today, many Canadians, certainly many Natives, consider the residential schools at best a disastrous mistake, and at worst, a deliberate attempt to destroy Native cultures.

Israeli Peace Activists Unblock a Road
by the Israeli Peace Bloc

"That is exactly why we are going to demolish this barrier - because it represents a brutal and inhuman government policy, a policy verging on war crime."

Matt Gaylor Reviews Cass Sunstein's Republic.com

Princeton sent me a free review copy of Republic.Com, which I'm glad they did as I would have been highly upset to have paid money for it.

Who Won the Cold War?: by Ben G. Price

"Promises and no truth," says the Ukrainian worker who lost his health care, his pension, but now has an honest job in the private sector. Better to have a private job in the honest sector!

The Mystery of Capital: A Review by Benjamin Reeve

It is not stuff, but what we do with stuff, how we build relationships around stuff, that really counts, particularly in parts of the world that don't have a lot of stuff, in which stuff has not collected.

Wayne Grytting's American Newspeak

Presidential spokesperson George Bush proved his parentage when he described the bombings near civilians in Baghdad as a "routine mission"-- a little like getting up in the morning and brushing your teeth. Welcome to the New World Order...

The Death Penalty: Life in the Balance by Barbara Bergman

Make no mistake about it, during the Bush administration there will be a concerted effort to negate and ignore what is a mounting consensus among people that the death penalty doesn't work.

Meritocracy Plus by Seymour Schechtman

I was heartened to see a few weeks ago in the New York Times that Meritocracy was resoundingly endorsed by some of the wealthiest men in our country, including Warren Buffet, George Soros, Bill Gates,Sr., David Rockefeller,Jr.

The Napster Crisis in a Nutshell by Colin Stokes

It is human nature to get something for free if it is possible, rather than paying for it.

The Warming Commons by Jonathan Wallace

President Bush is playing the familiar game of "fuck the future..."

Letters to The Ethical Spectacle

You STILL apparently believe Bill Clinton superior to Richard Nixon. That is indeed amazing!

Write for the Spectacle! Articles on any ethical, political or legal topic will be considered, whether or not I agree with the opinions expressed. Here are some guidelines. Particularly needed: book reviews; conservative perspectives.

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