Vol. VII, No. 1 January 2001

"A tide rises and falls behind every man
which can float the British Empire like a chip,
if he should ever harbor it in his mind." --Thoreau

Happy New Year from The Ethical Spectacle

The Internet Bubble

by Jonathan Wallace

The stock market is based on the premise that someone will be left holding the bag. In this sense, it is like a classic Ponzi, or pyramid scheme, where the first investors are repaid from the money put up by later suckers, who can never themselves be repaid because the scheme has run its course and there are no more suckers.

The Election

False Populism vs. Popular Democracy
by Peter Bearse

Al Gore and the Democrats tried to perpetrate a fraud on the American public. Fortunately, our nation's Constitution, represented by the final bulwark of its defense, the U.S. Supreme Court, ruled otherwise.

The Election Nobody Won
by William T. Hathaway

After the savage denouement of Election 2000 we can look back on a campaign that saw Gore sacrifice his principles and Bush sacrifice our democracy, all to the great god Winning.

The Supreme Court's Gore Exception
By Mark Levine

According to the Supreme Court, states have no rights to control their own state elections when it can result in Gore being elected President.

Poverty Defeated Gore
By Jonathan Wallace

Gore lost Florida--or to put it more accurately, was not able to prove that he won Florida--because the Republican areas could afford to upgrade their voting technologies, and the Democratic areas could not.

Chiropracty: "Media's Manipulative Subluxations"
by Howard Fienberg

A recent Chicago Tribune story declared that chiropractors are now "becoming mainstream." But this story lacked an important journalistic ingredient needed to differentiate it from a mere infomercial: balance.

The Uphill Road: Remarks on the Death Penalty
By U.S. Senator Russ Feingold

I believe that we have begun a climb in Congress that, I am hopeful, are the first steps that will lead us to a nationwide moratorium on executions and a thorough examination of the death penalty system.

My Speech to the Judge
By Ben G. Price

Sometimes citizens have to throw themselves bodily into the path of the American juggernaut to slow it down when it's gone off track.

Technical Giants, Ethical Infants
By Mark Antony Rossi

The field of science, as numerous other professions, has been seduced by the wiles and wealth of commercial interests.

Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream: The Next Bend of the River

We are transforming ourselves through enhancements to cognition, memory, and our senses, then looking at ourselves through those enhancements.

Letters to The Ethical Spectacle

Your analysis of bias regarding the treatment of Israel in our media is quite good. That you don't see a similar "pro-left" bias regarding domestic political affairs is curious.

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