Vol. IX, No. 4, April 2003

Watching the War

by Jonathan Wallace

The war news is reported the same way that traffic news is. There are vehicles, they are going someplace, in certain areas the route is clear and in others it is obstructed. So far the media has not told us anything about bodies, Iraqi or American, in piles, any more than the traffic report on the evening news shows us the bodies of dead drivers.

In memory of Salman Hamdani

Salman Hamdani disappeared on September 11 and was suspected of being connected to the hijackers. Six months later his body was found at Ground Zero, where he had gone to save lives.

Living With the War
by Cindy Carmichael

My Iraqi-American husband watches in fury and raw grief while the city of his childhood is being torn apart.

The Buck Doesn't Stop at City Hall
by Sean Carter

Lawyers suing gun manufacturers are now starting to see the pot of contingency fees at the end of the rainbow.

It's Fascism, Stupid
by H. Scott Prosterman

The ideologically pure fascist relationship between government and industry is rearing its ugly head again.

Rules of Law in the U.S. Global War on Terrorism
By Norman K. Swazo

If the United States is to retain its authority at the bar of the community of nations as a democracy subject to the rule of law, the U.S. must give the Guantanamo detainees access to lawyers and to the courts.

Requiem for the Peace Process
by Sy Schechtman

We go limping away morally from the Alice in Wonder Land United Nations show.

A War in Iraq is the Best--Or Worst Thing to Happen
By Alex Dashevsky

A little anti-Americanism is actually a healthy thing, as it reminds the world’s only superpower that it must not throw its unparalleled economic, military, and political weight with impunity.

Evan Maloney's Brain Terminal: Rarely so Empty Before

Not since the days that followed the attacks of September 11th have I seen so few people during such a long walk through Manhattan.

Libertarianism and Poverty
By Dennis Loo

Libertarian claims about poverty fail on moral, economical and historical grounds.

Why the POW Video Should Be Shown
by Thom Riddle

When war becomes inevitable, its reality should be known by all.

Bush's War on Iraq
By Christine Smith

Now, our nation is behaving like that which we say we abhor.

Putting Condoms on Bananas
by Sarah Owocki

Pro sex-ed liberals people are just itching to show our vulnerable, innocent public school students how to put a condom on a banana.

The American Taliban
By Daniel Patrick Welch

Our political leaders are the guys preparing for Rapture by raising the scriptural Red Heiffer to sacrifice on the Temple Mount, priming the pump for the End Times.

Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream: The Problem of Empathy

Its hard to stay in denial when a whole planet is exploding.

A Love Affair
By Aaron Hanscom

The professors, celebrities, and journalists felt uncomfortable seeing her get up so quickly after falling down.

War Among the Innocents
by Ben G. Price

The right is trying to characterize public dissent as a crime of indecency.

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