Vol. VI, No. 12 December 2000

Schrodinger's Election

Schrodinger's Election
by Jonathan Wallace

In the quantum physics parable of Schrodinger's Cat, the cat is neither alive nor dead until you open the box, but in a probabilistic state embracing both. What we have before us today is Schrodinger's election, in which either Bush or Gore is president, and where we are seeking to open the box, and ascertain the truth, via hand recounts, rhetoric and litigation.

Thoughts on the Florida Recount
by Phil Agre

The Republican party employed fascist tactics to shut down a vote-counting process that the feared they would lose. Rather than try to refute this proposition, some have chosen to defocus it, and pretend that I have stereotyped all conservatives, or all Republicans, or all Bush supporters, as fascists.

In Defense of the Electoral College
By John Samples

The filtering of the popular will through the Electoral College is an affirmation, rather than a betrayal, of the American republic. Doing away with the Electoral College would breach our fidelity to the spirit of the Constitution, a document expressly written to thwart the excesses of majoritarianism.

Gore Lost. Now Go Home!
Bob Wilson

The Gore strategy is simple and blatant. They insisted on hand recounts in the counties they won overwhelmingly because a nine to one ratio in his favor ensured that any added or contestable votes would go to Gore by that same ratio, or better.

Wasted Votes
By Voodoo People

A myth that is subverting the very ideological basis of representative government in the United States. The myth that a vote for a candidate who does not win an election is a vote that does not count.

Last Voter Out, Please Turn Off the TV
By Howard Fienberg and Iain Murray

Exit poll results, while historically more accurate than regular poll numbers, are actually little more than educated guesses. Pundits love them, and frequently they are right. But not always. These gauges often spring leaks.

Defense Attorney Wanted His Client to Die
by the Common Sense Foundation

Smith says in an affidavit to the court hearing Tucker's case that "I decided that Mr. Tucker deserved to die and I would not do anything to prevent his execution."

An Attack on the Israeli Peace Bloc
By Adam Keller

As for the ADL - an organization which claims to "counteract hatred, prejudice and bigotry" - can you truly find no other places to search for such, with Israeli society in its present condition, except at our modest website?

For A Moratorium on Federal Executions

We are aware of your support for the death penalty under some circumstances and we are not asking that you change your long-held position. We are asking only that you prevent an unconscionable event in American history: executing individuals while the government is still determining whether gross unfairness has led to their death sentences.

The Hungry, the Haunted, and the Hunted
By Ben G. Price

The stuffing of semantic tags with emotive imagery is one of the most powerful tools of the rhetorician and propagandist. Unfortunately, they end up as toe tags on the body politic of a slowly poisoned democracy.

Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream: Hactivism and Soul Power

The danger with taking the moral high ground is that, once you take it, you no longer have it.

Letters to The Ethical Spectacle

American Fascism, while presenting a softer public face, will invest all power in a handful of powerful nameless individuals, representatives of an immensely enlarged Industrial-Military-Financial complex.

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Garden of Venom

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