Vol. VII, No. 3 March 2001

Internet Freedom of Speech

By Jonathan Wallace

Above is an actual response from an ISP to an email containing the "Censorware Boondoggle" essay below.

Congress' Censorware Boondoggle

The Children's Internet Protection Act is a huge waste of public money and time on technology that will not serve the stated purpose, but will inflict a lot of harm along the way.

A Letter to The Chairman of the FCC

In a recent New York Times article, you were quoted as saying, "I don't believe that government should be your nanny." Based on this, we believe that you would agree that government should not compel libraries and schools to purchase Net Nanny and other censorware products.

Backing Off the Bullies

There has been a lot of rhetoric touting the Internet as the ultimate democratizing medium, a global Hyde Park corner where anyone can, with equal access and equal volume, express any viewpoint, no matter how unpopular. This meme, though beautiful, is false in many respects.

My Web Libel Adventure

A woman knocked on the door of my home on Eastern Long Island on a weekend afternoon, and served me with a summons and complaint for libel.

The Sharon Victory--What's Next?
by Adam Keller and Beate Zilversmidt

What would have seemed an implausible nightmare but a few months ago is now sober reality: Ariel Sharon has been elected Prime Minister of Israel.

Give a Speech--Go to Jail
C. Clark Kissinger

George W. Bush is a smirking frat rat son of a former head of the CIA who went on to become a speculator oil man, and from there went on to be a blood-stained executioner, and now wants to be the ruler of the world.

John Spragge's Crossing The Medicine Line: Donald Rumsfeld and Andre Maginot

Fred Reed, the military writer, identifies the basic problem with missile defence; he acidly proposes that a third world country with nuclear bombs could just as easily FedEx them.

A Short, Vituperative Farewell to Bill Clinton by Jonathan Wallace

By-passing his own Justice Department to sell pardons to people like Marc Rich and the four Hasidic embezzlers from New York, was the post-script to the worst Presidency since wannabe gangster Richard Nixon.

Wayne Grytting's American Newspeak

In a move that will aid countless thousands of babies to internalize our cultures values, Kohlcraft Enterprises unveiled a line of Jeep SUV strollers.

Letters to The Ethical Spectacle

I was NEVER taught that America was a democracy, not once in all my years of school.

Write for the Spectacle! Articles on any ethical, political or legal topic will be considered, whether or not I agree with the opinions expressed. Here are some guidelines. Particularly needed: book reviews; conservative perspectives.

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"Noticing that no-one held the values I defended, I decided to make a spectacle of myself." --Richard Foreman

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