Vol. IX, No. 10, October 2003

The Polluted Internet

by Jonathan Wallace

Reputation and trust have become almost meaningless in the world of email.

Loyal Opposition, Disloyal Regent
by Daniel Patrick Welch

The Right's vindictive, overly politicized and petty exercise of power proves once and for all that they really don't give a damn about the Security of the American People.

The Daughter I Can't Hear From
by Cindy Corrie

On March 16 my daughter Rachel was killed by a bulldozer in the Gaza Strip, while trying to protect a Palestinian home from demolition.

Unfunded Altruism
by Alasdair Denvil

Many of us support universal health care in the abstract, but not when it comes out of our own pockets.

A Response to Peter Bearse's "Year 2000 and the AGENDA for REFORM"
by Ben G. Price

Democracy is in deplorable condition in America today.

Thou Shalt Not Campaign From the Bench
by Sean Carter

It's easy to dismiss the Alabama Ten Commandments saga as just another example of why people should stop marrying their second cousins.

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"Noticing that no-one held the values I defended, I decided to make a spectacle of myself." --Richard Foreman

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