Vol. VII, No. 6 June 2001


by Jonathan Wallace

While all tools have limits, the effective limits of nonviolence as a tool are as yet unknown.

80 Theses--Draft for a New Peace Camp
by The Israeli Peace Bloc

We think time has come to take certain discussions out of the closet, to campaign widely for a revision of the myths of Zionist history and publicly facing the truth about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

A Reply to John Gilmore on Copy Protection
by Benjamin Reeve

Copy protection ruins trust, and creates extended irrational policy frameworks.

The Stopped Clock Syndrome
by Sy Schechtman

We all have our own stopped clock beliefs, depending on our age, sex, religion, economic status, politics, and educational level.

Why Kids Kill
by Bob Wilson

The basic law in nature that we violate in this society is the law that says that not everybody will succeed at everything.

Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream:

It's as if life itself provides a Zen koan that confronts our reasoning with a puzzle that reasoning cannot solve.

The Shameful Exploitation of Dr. King
by Jonathan Wallace

I now understood that sending my $250 to the King Center was tantamount to mailing it to Coca Cola.

What to do About China
by Jonathan Wallace

If a dictatorship is run by, or on behalf of, businessmen, then the middle and upper classes can have all the soda, hiphop and luxury goods they want, without however imbibing any democracy along with it.

Letters to The Ethical Spectacle

It may be moral to take McVeigh's life if we consider the enormity of his crime.

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"Noticing that no-one held the values I defended, I decided to make a spectacle of myself." --Richard Foreman

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