Vol. VII, No. 7 July 2001

Timothy McVeigh and "Closure"

by Jonathan Wallace

Suppose that those who lost loved ones in the federal building all eloquently informed Attorney General Ashcroft that the sole road by which they could reach closure was the hanging, castration, evisceration, disembowelment, decapitation, and quartering of Timothy McVeigh, followed by the public display of his head.

A Statement by McVeigh's Attorney

What we did this morning was to kill Tim McVeigh, friend to Bob Popovic, Allen Smith and Elizabeth McDermott. We killed Bill and Mickey's son this morning. And we killed Jennifer McVeigh's big brother.

Fred Fariss on Closure

"Closure" is a misnomer for what the person needs to do in order to bring balance and contact with himself.... This is not "closure", but "letting go." This is the dynamic of grief.

Israel and the Palestinians: Who Won?
by Uri Avnery

Nowadays the dominant picture is of a small occupied people rising up against a powerful occupier. David and Goliath in reverse.

Cold War II
by James Freeman

The practical side of me when I canít figure out what government is up to tends to ask who profits and who loses---where the money goes.

Globalisation and the Level Playing Field
by Earl Mardle

As with any radical revision of human relations, the initial promise was overblown, the downsides minimised and the reality is likely to be more mundane than the prospectus painted.

John Ashcroft and Richard Olney
by Ben G. Price

Consider the case of Richard Olney, President Grover Cleveland's Attorney General. In the mirror of morality, he's a John Ashcroft look-alike. In other words, a bloodless scoundrel.

An Open Letter to 2600 Magazine
by Benjamin Reeve

The "hacker-badboy" image would have to be modified at least in substantial part to hacker-as-useful-simple-common-open-system-architect.

Richard Thieme's Islands in the Clickstream: The Shadow of the Dog

My words have been a search for meaning, but paradoxically, the only time I feel close to the mystery is when I have nothing to say.

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