Vol. XVIII, No. 2, February 2012

Not Newt

by Jonathan Wallace

He's still crazy after all these years.

Rags and Bones
by Jonathan Wallace

Billionaire v. billionaire; software with a mind of its own; abortion thought experiments; Occupy Wall Street.

Super Bowl, Ready or Not
by Sy Schechtman

A mental tug of war precedes each play.

Another Year of Impasse?
by Carmine Gorga

Why aren't corporations using their cash?

Reviews by Jonathan Wallace

H. Rider Haggard, "Dragon Tattoo", Walter Scott, Liam Neeson's latest.

Politics and the Right to Change One's Mind
by Bruce Clark

Changing one’s mind in a thoughtful manner is something to congratulate, not criticize.

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"Noticing that no-one held the values I defended, I decided to make a spectacle of myself."
--Richard Foreman
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