February 2014
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A Book Announcement

By Carmine Gorga*

I have just published a book I never expected to write: A Case for God -- In Search of a Humanism Filled with True Human Beings.

The book does not offer a “proof” of God. I only try to make a case for God’s presence everywhere, because I find God in the vast expanses of time and space, as well as in discourses that are as fresh for us today as when they were first uttered thousands of years ago.

Most of all, in the course of fifty years of research and publication I have found God in the unsuspected nooks and crannies of most mental disciplines. Thus, today the need to put this research all together in a book.

I have found God in mathematics by transforming the linear relation between Zero, One and Infinity into the following equivalence: Zero ↔ One ↔ Infinity.

I have found God in physics by transforming the incomplete equivalence of matter to energy into the following full-fledged equivalence: Matter ↔ Energy ↔ Spirit.


I have found God in ontology by neglecting the red herring called “essence” and transforming the following three disparate traditional entities into the following equivalence: Being ↔ Becoming ↔ Existence.

I have found God in theology by consistently remaining within the framework of the following traditional, complete equivalence: Father ↔ Holy Spirit ↔ Son.

My constant effort in this work, as throughout my entire output, has been to establish the intellectual base for concord in economics, politics, and culture. Why? I could stop by saying that if there is concord between two or more people, God is there. But I prefer to go well beyond theology. I am convinced that concord is the only guarantee against chaos.

Having found God everywhere, do I use his work as a club to bring atheists and theists into submission? Far away from me this temptation. Rather, I encourage atheists and theists to remain faithful to their convictions, because they have this perennial function to perform: “The function of non-believers is to hold believers to the fire of truth and the avoidance of hypocrisy.”

Publisher: The Somist Institute, 2014. Pp. xii, 204. $14.99. ISBN-13: 978-1441444318

Carmine Gorga, PhD, is a former Fulbright Scholar, author of numerous publications, including The Economic Process (University Press of America, 2002 and 2010). He was born in the deep south of Southern Italy in 1935, in the midst of the Great Depression. When war came, some people hoarded foodstuff and famine ensued. Why such events?