Vol. XI, No. 3, March 2005

Sharks and Nets:

Feeding Social Security to the Predators

by Jonathan Wallace

The role of the free market in providing basic social safety nets: None, zero, zip, zilch, none.

The Bigger They Are
by Dom Stasi

Did evolution weave some uncontrollable thing into the genetic fabric of its survivors that thrives on mortal combat?

Hunter Thompson and Mental Health
by George Thomas Clark

Hunter Thompson needed help.

How Can We Require Governmental Honesty to the People?
by Tom Ragazzi

The American people deserve a candid government.

The Jury Pool is Getting Very Shallow
by Sean Carter

We leave the most important job to unpaid volunteers.

The Iraqi Elections
by Peter Bearse

Who would discount or deny the victory of courageous Iraqi voters?

American Corporate Management Wants to Outsource Everyone
by Greg Somerville

We don't live simply to buy and sell.

Mark Antony Rossi's Machine Therapy
Extending our Reach into Nothingness

Why technology can't fix character.

John Spragge's Medicine Line
Saying No to Missile Defense

The missile shield fallaciously makes a nuclear conflict seem possible to win.

Is U.S. Society Serious About Business Ethics?
by Robert Shattuck

Plaintiffs' lawyers are the problem.

Letters To The Ethical Spectacle

And you say America is one of the kinder, gentler nations with respect to the Jews.


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