Letters to The Ethical Spectacle

Dear Mr. Wallace,

Regarding Lying:

I came across your writing when "googling" the word lying. I wanted to express to you my respect and appreciation of your writing. I was wondering if you could recommend further reading on the subject or perhaps resources that you have used to write yours.

Thank you for your time.


Sisela Bok's "Lying" is the best book I know.


Dear Mr. Wallace:

RE your page on the the prisoner's dilemma:

I found your site when I really needed it.

I work as a volunteer peer advocate in a co-operative self help empowerment organisation for those of us experiencing mental health suffering We are in a 'no win' prisoner situation at present facing extinction after ten years of success because another group which is not co-operative wants our future funding and has come up with the 'talk' which needs no 'walk' All my life has been spent in self-help co-operative ventures and each time when we have become very successful some major player from the mainstream walks in and practises some form of identity theft - treating us like a free feasibility study and literally walking through us saying that they are for example the peer advocates and are 'Professional' so better - or trashing us because we appear to be a threat.

I found it very difficult to get to the ethical page and find that 'tit for tat' is the best we can manage mainly because I have a nature too - and I don't want to debase my nature by becoming colonised and unfree in order to play every social game as an away match and never on home ground- I think that I prefer to let the identity theft happen over and over. - out it! get used to the broken heart and the broken mind that follows. I prefer it that I am eaten/stung than that I collude to do this to myself. Maybe winning even tit for tat is losing if the process cant be right because of even further dehumanising the stock we have, and authenticating 'the game'

Where do values and ideals come into this mechanistic approach?

Could you consider fantasy resolutions which are maybe not workable in t he world we have but are nonetheless solutions. I would like a solution where people were made aware of the game and asked if they wanted to register to play it overtly and if they didnt want that, asked how they wanted to live.

Anyway thanks for the down to earth with a bump.


Dear Mr. Wallace:

I just read your old review of Into Thin Air, I agree and couldnt believe you raised exactly the same qustions I had .


Regarding Karla Faye Tucker:


James P. Lombardo