Vol. I, No. 10 October 1995

A Shaggy God Story

Introduction: God in the Galapagos

A Personal History of God

God as a Stop Sign: Semantic;Moral

Everything is not Permitted

Morality Without God


Eye on Newt

My Morality and Newt Gingrich's

Timothy McVeigh and Newt Gingrich: One Degree of Separation

A Modest Proposal Regarding Newt Gingrich's Divided Brain

Newt Gingrich Failed to Defend the Internet

Colin Powell for President?

Guest voices

Leon Felkins on The Memetic Mine Field

Richard Wallace on Congress at Work


Please read about Mumia Abu-Jamal

Permanent exhibits

An Auschwitz Alphabet

Letters to the Ethical Spectacle


Other Ethical, Political and Legal Web Sites

Coming next month: special issue on pornography, including an update on censorship in cyberspace

"Noticing that no-one held the values I defended, I decided to make a spectacle of myself."--Richard Foreman

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Artist: Laurie Caro; all art copyright Laurie Caro 1995 except as otherwise indicated

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