December 2013
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Letters To The Ethical Spectacle

Spectacle Letters Column Guidelines. Send your comments to me at I will assume the letter is for publication. If it is not, please tell me, and I will respect that. I have gotten into the habit of leaving out full names and email addresses; I have had too many people think better of something they said fifteen years ago. If you want your name and email included, let me know. Flames, however, will be published with full name and email address.

Dear Mr. Jonathan Wallace,

I just read your blog on the web regarding the minority rules a term I had thought was unique, turns out you used this term in 2001. In regards to summary question about a direct democracy being better than a republic, with the current administration who has purposefully attacked us under the guise of the democratic party; how do you feel now about your original statement?

I look forward to your reply.