Vol. II, No. 3 March 1996

ACLU v. Reno Update

The Ethical Spectacle is suing Janet Reno as a plaintiff in ACLU v. Reno, the case to overturn the Communications Decency Act.Check these pages weekly for status reports and links to other relevant sites.

Guest Editor: David E Romm

If A Tree Falls In A Forest, by David E Romm

An Experimental Act, by Jane Yolen

The View From Atop The Monkey Bars, by Bruce Bethke

My Father's Class, by Lawrence Watt-Evans
and Utopia, a note on "My Father's Class", by David E Romm

Davy and Huck Finn, by David E Romm

Philip K. Dick and Human Kindness, by Jonathan Blumen

The Ethics of Uplift, by Philip Tung Yep

Orphan of Creation and The Color Purple, by David E Romm

Ethics & the Smartass SF Writer, by Bruce Bethke

Some Thoughts on Ethics and Science Fiction, by Ross Pavlac
and Christian SF/Fantasy: Recommended Reading

Comments From Usenet


When The Chips Are Down: A Radio Play by David E Romm

148 Words: A Story by Jonathan Blumen

Current Events

Haiti: Where the Bleeding Never Stops

Congressman Dornan's Perversion

The Ungovernable Internet

My Letter to the Wiesenthal Center

The Church of Scientology and Copyright Law by Mike Green

Friends and Flames

Senator Helms, the NEA and The Combine Plot by Frank Moore

Two Poems About the Holocaust, by Katherine M. Searle

Cyndi Balzrette submitted Probably the Last Rant I'll Publish About Interview With the Vampire

Ending US Minority Rule, by Demrep1@aol.com

The Big Blur, by Seymour Schechtman


Please read about Mumia Abu-Jamal

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An Auschwitz Alphabet

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