Vol. VI, No. 6 June 2000

Jury Duty

Jury Duty is Your Civic Obligation, by Timothy Heap

If You're Called for Jury Service, by the Fully Informed Jury Association

Twelve People Who Couldn't Get Out of Jury Duty are not My Peers, by Lizard

Russ Emal and Julian Heicklen on Jury Nullification

Jury Duty is the Last Remnant of Direct Democracy, by Jonathan Wallace

The Death Penalty

Texas Kills Another Innocent Man, by Jonathan Wallace

A Letter from Bennie Demps

The Usual Suspects

Repeal All The Gun Laws, by Harry Browne

Cognitive Cacophony and its Positive Spin, by Seymour Schechtman

A Dispatch from Granny D

The Coalition Against Censorship and Propaganda

Jonathan Wallace's Hyperfiction

Censor in a box

Why Libraries Shouldn't Buy Censorware

The Censorware Page

Please also check out the website of The Censorware Project

Mumia Abu-Jamal, On Death Row After an Unfair Trial

Permanent Exhibits:

An Auschwitz Alphabet; A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King; Snipe's Portfolio

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