Vol. VIII, No. 6, June 2002

Two new Year Zero essays by Jonathan Wallace


Grieving and remembering are just one use of the area, and should take their place as part of the entire skein of ongoing downtown New York life, next to flirting, lunch, bargaining, jokes, business meetings and playgrounds.

Safe Horizons Caseworker

A Memorial That Works
by Annette Swierzbinski

Bravery and Knavery
by Matthew Hogan

"Cowardliness" does not mean "boldness in a bad purpose".

Behind the Scenes, Its the Israelis and the Saudis
by Tommy Ates

The Saudi royal families are the 'dark horse' in the conflict, perhaps ultimately deciding whether Arafat is rendered obsolete.

A Durable Peace? Not With Arafat
by Evan Maloney

Israel would be crazy to sign a peace deal with Arafat.

Corpus Delicti
by Ben G. Price

Corporations don't habeas corpus.

Building Not Bombing
by Annette Swierzbinski

By believing the lies, we buy into hatred, mistrust, fear and anger.

ICRA's Clickwrap "Gag Order"
by Seth Finkelstein

The Internet Content Rating Association imposes a gag order on users.

Student Borrowers Beware
by Gina Varolli

The US is one of the few industrialized nations that does not provide free higher education to its citizens.

Crossing the Medicine Line: Returning to Canada
by John Spragge

Returning to Canada after a six-year absence leads me to think about the reasons people come, and go, and even leave without crossing the border.

Yasir Arafat and Iran
by Farhad Mafie

The first and only time that Ayatollah Khomeini smiled was when he sat next to Mr. Arafat in Tehran in 1979.

Letters To The Ethical Spectacle

The American electorate is mostly semi-literate, uncultured and generally ignorant.

I would love this book even if my brother Joe hadn't written it.... Its a funny and nuanced children's story about a kid who believes he's too big and noisy, and a revelation that comes when he visits Africa with his parents.

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"Noticing that no-one held the values I defended, I decided to make a spectacle of myself." --Richard Foreman

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